Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Little Break

I spend entirely too much time at the computer so I am going to take a little break in honor of spring break. No computer. No E-mail. No blogging and no reading blogs.
I think that I often use the computer to avoid all the things that need to be done (such as laundry!) so I'm going to see if the productivity of my life increases at all over the next week. A spring break experiment. I will update you all on my phenomenal productivity next Monday!

A few thoughts to leave you with before I go....

-I love sugar free pudding cups (chocolate). They are only 1 point on Weight Watchers. You can make them 2 points and OH SO MUCH better by adding a table spoon of fat free Cool Whip. Now, I don't actually DO Weight Watchers but my mom is the queen of it so I know a lot about it. It makes me feel NO GUILT knowing they are only 2 points and so heavenly good. I also eat it with a baby spoon so I can savor it that much more. Sick isn't it? Don't ask me how many points an entire bag of Doritos is because that would cause me to feel guilty about eating one over the course of two movie nights!

- My kids love pot stickers. Who'd a known? I bought some for myself for those nights when I feel like cooking nothing more exciting than dino nuggets and Olivia ate 4 of them and then asked me to make more of those "tasty things". Screw the dino nuggets...potstickers for everyone!

-Yesterday I was totally out of whack, feeling pissy, cranky, inflexible, discombobulated and this morning I realized it was because I didn't drink any coffee! How sad is that?!?! Coffee addict right here!

-Went to the hockey game last night and it was awesome!!! Now, I am not a violent person but I loooooove a good hockey fight. Well, it was the best I've ever seen! Mayhem, pandemonium, refs getting knocked around a bit, gear everywhere, blood!!! It was exactly what I needed after yesterday....Bud Light and the best hockey fight I have ever seen! (Thanks Warren and Casey)

-I am busily making plans for summer. It seems like summer is nearly over by the time you get into the swing of things so I am starting early this year. We've got a trip to Lagoon already planned for July. I'm working on 2 four-day camping trips and of course the 2nd annual whole family vacation. Beach house again or house boat on Lake Powell?!?! Those are my votes! (hint, hint mom)

- I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!! See you next Monday!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I know, I'm a update slacker!

Some thoughts for today...

-Spring goals...totally rockin'...I hung out with Jen on Wednesday and I had a little family get-together on Sunday. The laundry is a separate issue. I have stayed on top of the "recently dirtied" clothes but I am yet to catch-up on the back log. The good news is that all the clean clothes have been getting put away! (I love you Jimmy!)

-We worked in the yard all day on Saturday and Sunday. We got most the little odds and ends wrapped up. I'm looking forward to really enjoying this summer (our last in this house). We have put soooooo much work into our yard so I'm a little bummed to be leaving it behind but our new yard will be just as cool (hopefully) plus our next door neighbors (which happen to be my parents) will have a pool!

-Scrapbooked on Saturday. Good times. I only got 3 pages done but they were cute! I also only spent 5 dollars! Amazing!

-Ok, this is weird. I lost my spring allergies when I was pregnant with Olivia (She's 3). My doctor had an explanation for it that I can't remember but I assumed they would come back the next spring. Well, the next spring I was pregnant with Jamie so they didn't. The next spring...still no allergies! So, I forgot how horrendous they are. Well, they are back! With a vengeance! My face and eyes look like I have been on a 6 day drinking binge. Bloodshot, puffy, my ears hurt, can't breathe. ARGH! Maybe I'll just get pregnant again!

-Had lunch with Jimmy today. I love Little Caesars "Hot N Ready" pizza. So convenient.

-I had a fight with Olivia everyday last week at nap time. She dawdles and drags everything out for so long that I want to beat her and then she starts screaming at me. "Don't watch me" "It's not a shoe it's a sandal!" I don't have to go potty I want to pee in a diaper" You know, totally rational things (rolling eyes). So, on Sunday I decided that I would set a timer for 10 minutes and in that time period she needed to take her shoes and socks off, potty and wash, get her napping love-y, take off whatever clothes she wanted off, etc...before the timer went off. I told her that I wouldn't bug her as long as she got all her jobs done before the timer beeped. I tried it today. It worked great. She got all her stuff done in the time period. Nobody yelled. Nobody threatened a beating. But...she thought (for some strange reason) that if she got all the jobs done then she would get to have a bottle?!?! All was for naught. Then came the screaming, yelling and
totally irrational behavior. Oh, so fun. Although one good thing did come from it. My husband had to witness (on Saturday and Sunday) what I go through at nap time EVERYDAY and I gained a lot of sympathy and possibly some bonus "time alone" points.

-I guess that's it! More tomorrow from the land of craziness.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I love SPRING!

I like to make spring goals because I alway feel more energized in the spring rather than the new year. New Years resolutions don't stick with me like spring goals do. So, here they are...

1. Stay on top of the laundry. I am literally wading through my laundry room right now. Last night I picked through the clothes to wash some things for all of us to wear today. If I do one or two loads a day and PUT IT AWAY then it won't become so overwhelming. And I am going to harp on Jimmy about taking his uniforms in to be laundered. He pays the uniform company an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money to launder the uniforms at his shop and guess who is actually washing his? ME! Because he can never remember to take them in.

2. Get together with friends (and siblings) more often in the evenings. A little more concrete...every other week. That's not too much?! I love having people over and going out to dinner but it seems like we never do it. Last week we went to pizza with my brother and his fiance and it was so fun. I forget to connect with the world outside of my kids and husband sometimes.

3. Spend more time during the day with my friends with kids. It's so much more fun to go to the park with another mom (or nanny or teacher. I guess those kids don't really belong to Jen or Buffy:-) but it's fun to play with them!)

I think that's enough. I don't want to tax myself too much since the lazy days of summer are coming! tee hee! Although 2 and 3 are goals to have more fun!

Monday, March 12, 2007

On my list today..

I was drawing a blank for a blog post so I stole this idea from Ali Edwards blog and then realized how lame my list was in comparison to hers. Oh well, such is life!

1. Get keys from m&d's and drop them off at Gilbert Lake Marina
2. Drop bulletin board and art supplies at Buffy's
3. Laundry, laundry, laundry. Wash sheets too and hang them on the clothesline.
4. Bank (I sold the last of the inventory from CNP)
5. Grocery shopping
6. Buy spray paint for bench

That's about it! I am half way through my day and I only got 3 things done. Driving out to Caldwell took me all flippin' day! And...those grooves in the freeway are seriously dangerous plus I had some nut driving a truck and trailer in the left lane and some other dufus in a car in the right lane and they were both driving 50 miles an hour. Argh!
And now my baby child is yelling, "moooooooom, mommyyyyyyy, mamaaaaa" from her crib. GO TO SLEEP!!!!!
Looks like I won't get much more of my list done. I'll probably be grocery shopping at about 10 pm tonight. Party at WinCo. 10 o'clock!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm so excited I could pee my pants...

Got my plans back from the architect for a first look. It is so cool to see my ideas and rooms in ink. Actual dimensions. My house is freakin' huge! I said to my husband, "I can fit our bed, nightstands, dressers and chair that we have now plus a reading area and a TV one bedroom!! Ours!! Oh my gosh!!" I don't know why I'm so excited about the gargantuan size but boy, I am!! Maybe it's because my house is so small right now. (1,200 sq feet which happens to be the size of the bonus room alone in the new house.) The other really terrific thing?? SAME HOUSE PAYMENT! Sorry, I can't contain my psychotic joy!! Bear with me.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm back!

And I have a tan! I am noticeably less white.
The kiddies had a great time and they were just darn near angelic. And they love buffets! Who would have known that my little bird eaters could chow down on so much food! We went to the buffet at Treasure Island on Monday night and they loved that they could eat two bites of everything they laid their little eyes on. I love buffets too. Not so much for the gross over eating thing (which I am guilty of) but because of the VARIETY! I love eating two bites of everything I lay my eyes on too!
We walked and walked and walked. They loved the fountains at The Bellagio and they had baby lions out at the MGM Grand. The trainers were in there playing with them so they were really active. The girls loved it. It seems like Vegas isn't really a great place for kids but there is a remarkable amount of things for families to do and see. I have been there several times but had never really looked at it through the eyes of children. It is pretty cool. All the lights were enough to keep Jamie entertained. She kept yelling, "I see sumping, Grandpa!" It was really cute. Olivia loved Circus Circus because they have a huge rollercoaster inside that goes right over your head. She thought that was pretty cool.

Good times! A few pictures for you.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

let's see, what's new...

1. Jamie is potty trained! She has had one accident in like two weeks! Woo-Hoo! Super easy. She loves telling everyone what a big girl she is. "I go poop on the big potty" Yeah, I know, only exciting to me.
2. Great responses to my article. It goes out in the parent letter tomorrow.
3. Had my monthly dinner exchange tonight. Love that. 6 dinners in the freezer!
4. Sold some stuff. You know some baseball cards, a pack of chewing gum, Petey. (That is from Dumb and Dumber which happens to be my favorite movie.) I really did sell some stuff though. Feeling good about that! I'm sure you all will also in about a month.
5. Olivia wants to buy Chance (my baby nephew) from Kelsey for "forty eight nine" and she wants a new sister but she has to keep that one and she is sick of her.
6. My house is a complete wreck because, well, I don't know!

That's about it. It was a boring week. Hopefully I will do something super exciting over the weekend so I will have something to say.