Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My goals as an unemployed bum...tee hee

It's official, I am a full time stay at home mom again and I am THRILLED!!!! I am looking forward to getting back to reality, back to the vision for my family and back to the person I am. So here are some goals and a lesson learned...

1) Spend time playing with my kids like I used to.
2) Get together with my friends more often.
3) Re-connect with the friends I have lost contact with and maintain new friendships
4) Cook dinner, have people over, enjoy my fabulous backyard with a pond, fire pit, miles of grass, rocking swing set, giant patio.
5) Talk to my husband about kids, plans, our house, vacation, his work...whatever
7) Try to remember everyday how supportive, real, down to earth, rock solid, honest, hardworking and just freaking fantastic my whole family is.

I learned a great lesson yesterday...


Oh wait...I always knew that but I was reminded yesterday that all that dad, hero-worship crap...totally true! My dad IS a superhero!! Yesterday my dad single handedly lifted the largest burden on my life, thus far, with two simple words. Thanks Dad, I love you so much. I hope I can carry on your shining example of what an honest, hard working, savvy business person does but most of all I hope I can always remember that what is really important is NOT "all that glitters" but the people you love.