Monday, March 12, 2007

On my list today..

I was drawing a blank for a blog post so I stole this idea from Ali Edwards blog and then realized how lame my list was in comparison to hers. Oh well, such is life!

1. Get keys from m&d's and drop them off at Gilbert Lake Marina
2. Drop bulletin board and art supplies at Buffy's
3. Laundry, laundry, laundry. Wash sheets too and hang them on the clothesline.
4. Bank (I sold the last of the inventory from CNP)
5. Grocery shopping
6. Buy spray paint for bench

That's about it! I am half way through my day and I only got 3 things done. Driving out to Caldwell took me all flippin' day! And...those grooves in the freeway are seriously dangerous plus I had some nut driving a truck and trailer in the left lane and some other dufus in a car in the right lane and they were both driving 50 miles an hour. Argh!
And now my baby child is yelling, "moooooooom, mommyyyyyyy, mamaaaaa" from her crib. GO TO SLEEP!!!!!
Looks like I won't get much more of my list done. I'll probably be grocery shopping at about 10 pm tonight. Party at WinCo. 10 o'clock!


Kathleen said...

Oh, it's great to be alive!

Corinna said...

Ummm.... that is one fun busy list!