Monday, June 22, 2009

Speedy Catch Up

I guess these photos are reversed so it's kind of a rewind to the last day of school.

Went camping last weekend with the whole family (minus Jimmy).
Custom walking sticks by Joe!

My mom, Warren and I waved goodbye and went back to our reading, Sudoku and drinking. Respectively.)
Shoshone Ice Caves. If anyone cares: Lame and expensive (of course) and the lady at the gas station gives bad directions but you might not mind since in our case it scored us another night of camping.

Camping at Miracle Hot Springs over Memorial Day weekend = Hagerman Fossil Days.
Cool lame small town parade, terrible Bluegrass by some REALLY old people, yummy fair-like food, terrifying rollercoaster, ducks on a leash, cotton was a good weekend.

AWWWW...last day of school! We love you Taira, Lisa, Mary and Sherri! We miss you!

My summer so far!
I have a really great picture for tomorrow. Our new summer home. For those of you who don't know...I think you'll be very entertained.