Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Little Break

I spend entirely too much time at the computer so I am going to take a little break in honor of spring break. No computer. No E-mail. No blogging and no reading blogs.
I think that I often use the computer to avoid all the things that need to be done (such as laundry!) so I'm going to see if the productivity of my life increases at all over the next week. A spring break experiment. I will update you all on my phenomenal productivity next Monday!

A few thoughts to leave you with before I go....

-I love sugar free pudding cups (chocolate). They are only 1 point on Weight Watchers. You can make them 2 points and OH SO MUCH better by adding a table spoon of fat free Cool Whip. Now, I don't actually DO Weight Watchers but my mom is the queen of it so I know a lot about it. It makes me feel NO GUILT knowing they are only 2 points and so heavenly good. I also eat it with a baby spoon so I can savor it that much more. Sick isn't it? Don't ask me how many points an entire bag of Doritos is because that would cause me to feel guilty about eating one over the course of two movie nights!

- My kids love pot stickers. Who'd a known? I bought some for myself for those nights when I feel like cooking nothing more exciting than dino nuggets and Olivia ate 4 of them and then asked me to make more of those "tasty things". Screw the dino nuggets...potstickers for everyone!

-Yesterday I was totally out of whack, feeling pissy, cranky, inflexible, discombobulated and this morning I realized it was because I didn't drink any coffee! How sad is that?!?! Coffee addict right here!

-Went to the hockey game last night and it was awesome!!! Now, I am not a violent person but I loooooove a good hockey fight. Well, it was the best I've ever seen! Mayhem, pandemonium, refs getting knocked around a bit, gear everywhere, blood!!! It was exactly what I needed after yesterday....Bud Light and the best hockey fight I have ever seen! (Thanks Warren and Casey)

-I am busily making plans for summer. It seems like summer is nearly over by the time you get into the swing of things so I am starting early this year. We've got a trip to Lagoon already planned for July. I'm working on 2 four-day camping trips and of course the 2nd annual whole family vacation. Beach house again or house boat on Lake Powell?!?! Those are my votes! (hint, hint mom)

- I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!! See you next Monday!


Courtney said...

I love hockey games!! Seriously. And yes I am alive, just busy with boys and school and work... oh the life of a 23 year old.

Corinna said...

OH sure... you take this weekend to "take a break"!!! Get your butt back on the information highway baby... it is where it all happens don'cha know.

On a more serious note...
Pudding is yummy any day, hour, sugar no sugar... just simply a yummy snack.

Your kids like pot stickers... ok, but do they like pot sticker with pudding... now that is the real question!

Dicombobulated... I like that word. I feel like that all the time. Coffee doesn't help me.

I have never been to a Hockey game... I would love to go to one. I think it would be F U N!

Summer plans... ah yes... Hope you plan so serious fun times for you and the family. I love going on vacation!

Well, I hope you enjoyed your weekend away from the information highway. I suppose it is a good thing to do from time to time.

Peace Out!

Anonymous said...

Hell dearest! Sounds like you have your "ducks in a row" for spring break. Pot stickers new found love...(giggling)...and hockey and beer? I am WAY Jealous!!!!! MISSED you and Pammy Poo TERRIBLY at the crop...we'll have to work on that. I had WAY t much fun hearing about you "crashing" the scooter....and marrying some guy....lets see...I think described as "skirted"...LOL...we all did miss you guys a BUNCH!!!!Hockey....Hmmm....and beer?....I think perhaps I have "puck envy" big time...I love those games...they are awesome! Here in the good old "nothingness" we occassionally see kids walking down the canal bank hitting dead weeds with big sticks. Does that even count as hockey?...LOLOLOL Once I saw a stray dog chasing them...maybe he could be the "reff"....LOLOLOL..anyways darlink....glad to know that your spring break "actually" might be a spring one. I swear we ar so "brown" and "gray" over here not even "Dorothy and Toto" flies by anymore...but I have seen the "witch" a few with that.....I'll leave you with one thing to remember....thank gawd you don't live here...(wink)
Hugs to you and your mummie...tell her I said hello.

natalie said...

OK Sarah...Impressed that you are going a whole week without the internet! Mine was down most of the day and I thought I was going to go crazy!!! Perhaps I need professional help or something! Hope you are having a great week...

natalie said...

Come back!! Come back to the internet world!!!

Corinna said...

OK... I know you will be back on tomorrow... you gots lots of reading to do my friend.

All I have to say is it is very impressive that you could actully take a week off. I think I would go insane.