Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm back!

And I have a tan! I am noticeably less white.
The kiddies had a great time and they were just darn near angelic. And they love buffets! Who would have known that my little bird eaters could chow down on so much food! We went to the buffet at Treasure Island on Monday night and they loved that they could eat two bites of everything they laid their little eyes on. I love buffets too. Not so much for the gross over eating thing (which I am guilty of) but because of the VARIETY! I love eating two bites of everything I lay my eyes on too!
We walked and walked and walked. They loved the fountains at The Bellagio and they had baby lions out at the MGM Grand. The trainers were in there playing with them so they were really active. The girls loved it. It seems like Vegas isn't really a great place for kids but there is a remarkable amount of things for families to do and see. I have been there several times but had never really looked at it through the eyes of children. It is pretty cool. All the lights were enough to keep Jamie entertained. She kept yelling, "I see sumping, Grandpa!" It was really cute. Olivia loved Circus Circus because they have a huge rollercoaster inside that goes right over your head. She thought that was pretty cool.

Good times! A few pictures for you.


darcie said...

Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. My family goes down as often as we can (every few years) because my grandma lives there.

Last year we went for my hubby's work & stayed for almost a month! Let me tell you, Vegas is actually a great place for kids (during the day, lol) but a month is way to freakin' long!!

I hope you made it to the M&M's store, it's cool, and we also spend a lot of time at the new york, new york. The Beligao & Alladin have great buffets too.

Makes me want to go again.... :o)

Donaldson family said...

Glad to see you are back. Looks like you guys had a great time! Our only problem when we were there was there was nothing open really early in the morning for the kids since I have early risers. :-)

Kathleen said...

Fantastic fun, Sarah! So nice to see you invited your folks along in the new Clampett mobile! ;).

I raised my kids in Las Vegas, and believe me there are many things for them to do. Too bad they tore the water park down though. I have a great friend who works the floor at the Belaggio, and my brother works the floor at Mandalay Bay. Of course he's out at the NASCAR races this week. Great fun, love your photos as I'm a photo freak you know!


Corinna said...

Back reality!!! Isn't it just blissful!
Glad to hear you had a good time. Always nice to get away, relax and take in a few shows.
Your pictures are so real life, love that!
Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

I am "uploading" you diapers......LOL....glad that you had a great time...btw...we are all jealous you tanned rat! I think you should have a wonderful "new home par-tay" and we should get to see that mansion. It is WAY cool that you are so excited!!! and I am excited for you as well....:o) Hope the ground breaking is soon and it will be finished and completed by fall.
Cheers to you my friend,