Monday, March 19, 2007

I know, I'm a update slacker!

Some thoughts for today...

-Spring goals...totally rockin'...I hung out with Jen on Wednesday and I had a little family get-together on Sunday. The laundry is a separate issue. I have stayed on top of the "recently dirtied" clothes but I am yet to catch-up on the back log. The good news is that all the clean clothes have been getting put away! (I love you Jimmy!)

-We worked in the yard all day on Saturday and Sunday. We got most the little odds and ends wrapped up. I'm looking forward to really enjoying this summer (our last in this house). We have put soooooo much work into our yard so I'm a little bummed to be leaving it behind but our new yard will be just as cool (hopefully) plus our next door neighbors (which happen to be my parents) will have a pool!

-Scrapbooked on Saturday. Good times. I only got 3 pages done but they were cute! I also only spent 5 dollars! Amazing!

-Ok, this is weird. I lost my spring allergies when I was pregnant with Olivia (She's 3). My doctor had an explanation for it that I can't remember but I assumed they would come back the next spring. Well, the next spring I was pregnant with Jamie so they didn't. The next spring...still no allergies! So, I forgot how horrendous they are. Well, they are back! With a vengeance! My face and eyes look like I have been on a 6 day drinking binge. Bloodshot, puffy, my ears hurt, can't breathe. ARGH! Maybe I'll just get pregnant again!

-Had lunch with Jimmy today. I love Little Caesars "Hot N Ready" pizza. So convenient.

-I had a fight with Olivia everyday last week at nap time. She dawdles and drags everything out for so long that I want to beat her and then she starts screaming at me. "Don't watch me" "It's not a shoe it's a sandal!" I don't have to go potty I want to pee in a diaper" You know, totally rational things (rolling eyes). So, on Sunday I decided that I would set a timer for 10 minutes and in that time period she needed to take her shoes and socks off, potty and wash, get her napping love-y, take off whatever clothes she wanted off, etc...before the timer went off. I told her that I wouldn't bug her as long as she got all her jobs done before the timer beeped. I tried it today. It worked great. She got all her stuff done in the time period. Nobody yelled. Nobody threatened a beating. But...she thought (for some strange reason) that if she got all the jobs done then she would get to have a bottle?!?! All was for naught. Then came the screaming, yelling and
totally irrational behavior. Oh, so fun. Although one good thing did come from it. My husband had to witness (on Saturday and Sunday) what I go through at nap time EVERYDAY and I gained a lot of sympathy and possibly some bonus "time alone" points.

-I guess that's it! More tomorrow from the land of craziness.


Kathleen said...

Glad to see you back, Sarah. Glad to hear life is marching on for you!

Corinna said...

Slacker, slacker, slacker!!! (laughing and pointing)

Nah... Just jokin' but glad to see you bloggin'... life, real life.

We must get together soon.
Hugs to you.