Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow! Almost 4 months since my last post! Wow!

I decided that I need to start blogging again for a few reasons but the big one being that I realized when I blog more frequently I keep a better record of my girls' lives (and mine too).

Quick run down for catch up purposes:

1) My face is better! Just a few minor, hardly noticeable, scars. Thank you Dr. Tubach.
It hurts when it's super cold outside. Weird.

2) We closed on our house on October 21st. Congratulations to Tiffany, the proud first time homeowner. I hope she loves it. I had a sad break down moment when I wiped the kitchen counter for the last time. Weird.

3) I moved into a new house that I'm renting with my brother. It's gorgeous, close to school and the shop and we are doing well living together. He's nice, tidy and fun too!

4) Jimmy and I are separated. Answers to your questions: Yes I am sad. No I am not miserable. Neither is he. It's the hardest, most emotional thing that has ever happened to either of us. We tried. We tried really, really hard. It is not ugly or bitter and you will never catch me saying anything bad about him (or him about me). He is a wonderful father, a good friend to me now, and he did a damn good job of dealing with a situation that wasn't ideal for either of us. For 7 years. We are both at fault and we are trying our hardest to provide the same loving family for our girls in spite of everything. We are working out money and kids and all the stuff we have to work out just fine. I love his family, he loves my family and they love us right back. The end.

5) I'm teaching the all day preschool at The Children's School. I love it and I love my co-teachers! I also teach the toddler class on Monday morning. Ditto on the love!

6) I still do the bookkeeping for the shop but now I do it from home. Very nice.

7) Olivia turned 6 in November and Jamie turned 5 in December. WOW!

8) Harvey died in August. (Jimmy's dog) We think he was darn near 20 years old. My little brother buried him overlooking Ann Morrison Park so he could be near fireworks. That baby brother of mine is a softie.

9) My dad's brother died a couple weeks later. He was one of the funniest people that I know. He made beautiful things and gave them to people (like me) that love beautiful things. (He was also a secret softie like Joe).

I think that sums up my life since July. Phew! Glad I got all that out of the way. See you soon blog readers!