Friday, March 9, 2007

I'm so excited I could pee my pants...

Got my plans back from the architect for a first look. It is so cool to see my ideas and rooms in ink. Actual dimensions. My house is freakin' huge! I said to my husband, "I can fit our bed, nightstands, dressers and chair that we have now plus a reading area and a TV one bedroom!! Ours!! Oh my gosh!!" I don't know why I'm so excited about the gargantuan size but boy, I am!! Maybe it's because my house is so small right now. (1,200 sq feet which happens to be the size of the bonus room alone in the new house.) The other really terrific thing?? SAME HOUSE PAYMENT! Sorry, I can't contain my psychotic joy!! Bear with me.


Corinna said...

OH MY HOLLLLL-EEE heck 1200 sq ft bonus room! WOWzers! that is Fan-tas-tic!

What is the sq ft-age of the hole house?

You should be excited!!! I would be too!
WOOoohoooo for you.

Sarah said...

I think...about 3,600. Not exactly sure.

Corinna said...

WOW that is fantastic!
Glad to see you are having so much F U N!!! with your new home venture.