Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dear internet,

I know we've been friends for a long, long time but I think we have come to a crossroads in our relationship. Now, don't get me wrong...I still love you, I don't know what I would ever do if I lost you permanently but lately I feel like our relationship has become too close. I have been spending almost all of my time with you. My other friendships are really suffering because of all the time we spend together. I would like to try out a temporary separation. I think we should spend a little less time together this summer. I think that if we saw each other once a week or so that would be plenty. I hope you don't take this personally but...I am taking away your key to my house. We can still see each other at my mom and dad's house and maybe at Jimmy's shop but you can no longer come over to my house.

Your dear friend,

Monday, May 21, 2007

I had...

...all these things saved up to say but I sit here reading everyone's blog that I read and I keep hearing over and over in my head....

And the sadness has engulfed me.
My heart is broken.
My father died today.
I didn't make it to see him.
It will forever be one of my life regrets.

Please know Corinna that my heart goes out to you. It makes me short of breath thinking of what you may be feeling. I know that there are no words that any of us can say to help you through this but please know that I am praying for you. I am praying for peace for your family. Peace that passes all understanding.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Darn this new-fangled internet thing!

I am alive, I promise!
Last Saturday we tore the carpet out of our "office" and screwed up our internet. EVERYTIME we unplug the phone cord we have to call Qwest and get them to do some whippy-dippy magic and fix it. Well, I hate calling them after hours because you always encounter someone who takes you through the troubleshoot step by step and invariably wants to send out a technician. BLECK! It's like they only employ professionals 9-5 and they employ people who can barely read 5:01 to 8:59. GRRR. So I should be spending this time on the phone with Qwest but instead I drove over to my parents house to use their internet.
So, lets see...what's new...
1. I had a busy and super fun weekend. It really started on Thursday when I had my brothers and their better halves over for tacos and Coronas.
2. BBQ with Jimmy's fam for Mothers Day on Saturday. I made tri-tip, fruit salad, pasta salad, potato salad and I bought cheesecake. Carb overload!
3. BBQ with my fam on Sunday. I wish I had a picture of us all lying in the yard on blankets taking a "yard nap" while the girls played in the pool. Casey had to work and it wasn't quite the same without her but we took the yard nap in her honor. tee hee
4. Today was the Mother's Day celebration at Olivia's school. It was really cool because I have participated in Mother's day celebrations for oh...100 years... but always as the teacher. Several of those years were with Buffy (Olivia's teacher) and we sang the same "I love you mommy" song every year. Well, this year I had my own little sweetie on my lap singing me the Mother's Day song and it was one of my favorite mommy moments ever! I also received my first child made mothers day present. Thanks Buffy!
5. My house building is at a stand-still and I have decided that I will be zen-like in my calmness and I will live my summer in this house to it's fullest! (If you say it enough times it will make it happen right?) SERENITY NOW!!!

I suppose that's about it!

Friday, May 4, 2007

All this anniversary talk...

It seems like everyone is celebrating an anniversary! I guess it is the wedding season...Natalie's post made me think about my wedding (which happened a little over a year ago) So just a moment ago I watched the video. Geez! It seems like it happened FOREVER ago! My kids were so little! So in retrospect...I would have hired a videographer, I would have hired more things done so my family didn't have to do anything before hand and I would have done my hair differently. Yep, nothin' major. The best parts... only our really close friends and family were there, I did a bitchin' job on the decorating/bouquets/centerpieces...if I do say so myself! tee hee. I love, love my dress, I love that we had a maid of honor and best man and that's all. I love that our kids were a part of it (we exchanged vows with them too) I love that place (although I would have really loved a beach if I could have afforded to send all my family to that remote beach north of Todos Santos where I am pretty sure we made Olivia. hee hee.) It was a great day, beautiful weekend, reaffirmed how wonderful my friends and family really are, and not to mention...changed my life forever. Which is another post entirely.

Happy Weekend! I am off to watch my 2nd favorite dumb movie...Van Wilder.
"Write that down"

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I was tagged by Natalie. I am such a blabber that there is just about nothin' that people don't know about me.
So, you may not know these things...

1. I like clipping other people's fingernails and toenails. I have clipped the fingernails of every person I have ever seriously dated and if they'll let me I clip their toenails too.

2. I am afraid of the dark. As a result I NEVER watch scary movies or even slightly creepy ones. Once in a while I'll let myself be talked into seeing one and then (for about a month) I am paralyzed with fear every time the lights go out. When my husband is gone for the night I stay at my mom and dad's house.(go ahead laugh)

3. I hate tomatoes. But only in their virgin tomato state...I like tomato products. Jimmy hates tomatoes too!

4. I totally blow at math. It is a brain glitch. My dad is a math whiz and he has drilled me on math stuff my whole life but I just can't get it. I blame it on never learning my multiplication tables in 3rd grade.

5. My daughters were born at St. Lukes hospital, I was born there and so was my mom. I am of a select group of people called "Native Idahoans" BWAHAHAHAHA. That was for all you girls that didn't immediately get it when I said..."Well, my mom did graduate from Melba High" Don't get me wrong...I love you California girls...in fact...I wish they all could be California girls.

6. I love reading. I read a new book about every 3-4 days. I have to read in bed every night and I read until my eyelids start to close then I turn my light off. When I was a kid I would fall asleep with the book in my hand. My dad would come in, take the book out of my hand, mark the page and turn off the light. He still does it for my mom. When I moved away from home one of my biggest worries was sleeping all night long with the light on and the book in my hand because my dad wasn't there.

7. I started writing this while my kids were sleeping. They have since woken up, they are screaming at one another about which pillow belongs to which person and I can not think of another single random thing over the incessant screaming!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May!

It feels like summer already! I am loving this weather! It's making me feel energized and I really need it. Remember about 3 weeks ago when I talked about being in a funk?! Well, it has followed me around and at some times even gotten worse. All the usual things that snap me out of it weren't working. I have mulled it over with some friends, thought about it all day and wondered endlessly...what the hell is my problem??? A few things happened yesterday that I think snapped me out of it. First, Buffy said to me..."I will not work on my LLC, accredidation, finances, bla, bla, all the junk that brings me down until I have done something that makes me happy. Ride my bike, go to the park, walk with Kay, laugh with you, etc. I have such a good life and I have been bogged down by this 'woe is me' attitude and there is no reason for it!" (I am paraphrasing here but it is the gist.) Then...A friend said to me..."Take a deep breath and repeat after me..."I am where I am" I didn't do it, in fact I rolled my eyes. But later...I thought...Damn, where I am is GOOD! It's not like I even have to say it with resignation. I am where I am and it is good!
So, everyone take a deep breath and repeat after me..."I am where I am" (don't roll your eyes) and then think about all the things that make where you are good.