Tuesday, November 11, 2008

December..back to the blog anniversary

Two years ago and last year

I think that first one is pretty funny and lame. Apparently I like comparing where I was and where I am.

So, an update on that situation..he and his girlfriend are having a baby. I think sometime this summer. She's super sick with morning sickness and he is totally thrilled to be at this point in his life. They didn't plan it but are very happy about it.
I am really happy for him too. I always knew he would be a great dad.

It's strange to me that our lives are so far apart, literally and figuratively.
It's NOT one of those situations where you think about, "What if..." for the rest of your life. Our relationship ran it's course over a long period of time. We broke up without any ill feelings toward one another and continued to be friends.

It's seems like hundreds of years ago that I was that person. (It was only 6 years) I had absolutely no idea that I would be where I am today. I think I am still reeling from how quickly and dramatically my life changed over such a short period of time.

Ok, enough of that! I'm about to go "too much info" for my reading public. Hehehe.

And about that second one...Geez, I bitch a lot! I still feel the same way but I am pretty happy to say that I am taking baby steps toward a little balance.

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