Friday, October 3, 2008

Some Friday random stuff

*A friend told me about this video and then it turned up on my favorite blog!
It's down at the bottom of the post. I suppose I could link to it through youtube but I want everyone to read whenever possible because it's so incredibly funny.

* My sister-in-law and nephew are going to be here (from St. Anthony) for a long visit. Very excited!

*Some funny words to get me through some long days and give me hope for the future:
"I've got the murder and you've got the crows. We're a perfect couple!"

* My plans for Saturday could quite possibly the white trashiest thing I've ever done. Mud drag racing in Weiser. I'm not actually racing, just watching. Wait a minute?! I think I just had an idea. Why the hell aren't I?

* Long story car is dead. I had been driving whatever I could get my hands on for a month (we have a lot of cars just lying around) and then Jimmy bought me an old-ish Rodeo to drive until I decided what to do in the car department. I really wanted to look for the exact same car that I had before. Same year, color and everything. Apparently they are a little hard to come by so there was much debate around my house as to what we should do.

A brilliant idea then came to me!! I just happened to have a bitchin' 1963 Cadillac parked in my side driveway. It needs a little work. But, I could sell the Lexus for about $9,000 and use the money to fix the Cadillac! It's going to take quite a bit of work because I'm a big, fat whiner and I want it to be black. (The interior is blue right now.) I think Jimmy is a little annoyed by it because it's going to need a custom fabricated dashboard since there aren't a bunch of black '63 Cadillacs at Barger-Mattson to salvage from. But I really NEED it to be black!! is rollin'! The interior is totally gutted and Jimmy's mechanics are working during slow times on the little things that need done. I picked out gauges last week and the seats have gone to the upholsterer! I'm so excited!!

I couldn't find a picture of how it will look exactly but this is about it...I picked this pic as the closest even though it's a convertible (mine isn't) because mine will have air suspension like this one so it will look lowered. This one is quite a hooptie but mine won't look quite so...ummm...well, ya know.

It will be shiny black on the bottom and matte black on the top (there is a distinct line made by the chrome trim) No flames (bummer...I wanted pink flames). The interior will keep it's original bench seats but they will be black vinyl (oh yeah) with pink piping and pink embroidered Cadillac emblems on the center console. It's getting a donor engine from a totaled '98 Z48 Camaro. The original engine is fine and runs right now but Jimmy wanted to put a fuel injected engine in for reliability.

I'm so excited!

Yes, I will take you for a ride when it's done.

Ok, well...happy weekend!

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Kathleen said...

That just smacks of "SO COOL"! Good on Jimmy. My '55 is still on it's side in the shop dressed in bare metal. Can't wait to see the "finished" blog.