Sunday, September 28, 2008

I accept your nomination for the prestigious Mom Of The Year Award

These were taken a while ago but I happened upon them last night. After picking my self off the floor from the fit of hysterical laughter I decided that my sickness MUST be shared with the internet.

I am a mean, mean mom. And this is so funny that if you don't laugh...well, you're not my friend.

"Jamie, you have mud in your hair. Just let me rinse it."

"No, mommy!"

"Ok honey. Walk back up to the sand. I promise I won't throw a huge bucket of ice cold water on you when you are least expecting it."

Oh, yeah. I am laughing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my f**uc*k**ing god. (yes, I know you're supposed to actually substitute the little asterisk thingies for letters, but we all know what we're saying here.)

I assume you already have a little account to put aside something each month for therapy. And no, not for you.

I am SO calling Social Services tomorrow.

Sarah said...

The sickest part is that when Olivia (other child) asked me what I was laughing about and I told her...she laughed hysterically too.

natalie said...

That's pretty funny Sarah! (Have you been getting my emails about the book club?)

darcie said...

LOL, that totally looks like something I would do to my kiddos. :o)

corinna said...


I love it.

N*88 said...

Brillant photos.I was laughing so hard I just spit blimpe sandwich all over the patio. The lady next to me got up in a huff and stomped off.