Sunday, October 5, 2008

I might just move to Weiser

Apparently the mud drag races were part of a larger "Weekend in Weiser" event and I am so bummed that I missed all the other festivities!
Rodeo! Craft Fair! STREET DANCE!!!!
Actually the street dance was right after the drag races but I could not convince anyone to stick around for it! My mom wanted to but had to get back to Boise to babysit. I was really bummed.

We got a little lost on our way home and ended up driving around the town a bit and that was when I decided to move there.

There are a ton of gorgeous old houses downtown then I jumped online today and holy schmoly...inexpensive!
Check out this one. 165,000! That's less expensive than the tiny house I live in right now!

In Weiser $600,000 gets you the biggest, coolest house in town!

Ok, so I'm not moving there but I want one of those giant old houses!
(And then I want to walk to the street dance at the Train Depot)

Add Weiser to the list of small towns that I love but could never live in.


Corinna said...


That is gorgeous!!!!

darcie said...

LOVE that house! Is does actually make Weiser seem appealing, lol.