Monday, March 2, 2009

Note To Self

and to you if you need it...

Love the end of this post at Angry Chicken:

I snapped this picture of Ezra yesterday. On the same day I boycotted the laundry to finish my sweater, I found him walking around the house with his precious knitting tower (from Nova Naturals) making a crazy-long i-cord, with the skein of yarn clipped to his shirt. When I asked him what was up with the clothespinned ball o' yarn, he replied, "Well, my legs were tired of sitting so I had to get up and walk around, but I didn't want to stop making it, so I clipped it to me to keep going!"

Find a way to keep doing what you love. I think he gets it.

Sometimes these things - our passions and our projects - get done in simple, yet miraculous ways: in the two-minute increments of time that may appear at a time; with the help of a sweet husband who carries a little extra weight for a moment so I can do something as silly as knit a sleeve in silence; or as the chosen priority for a day over a pile of laundry/bathroom cleaning/bill paying. Sometimes we go to extreme/comical/ridiculous measures to make our passions happen in the everyday. Because the way it makes me feel - the way it feeds my soul - well, that fuels me to be a better person. And a better mom.

One little stitch at a time.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! How is her book by-the-way? I really want to get it, if it's worth it, & the library doesn't have it I don't think. (I too recently remembered the library borrow vs buy thing...who knew??)

sarah said...

It's good. I've done two of the sewing projects so far.