Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I feel old today

I have been tired, feeling old and rickety and a little overwhelmed these last few days but I have been actively fighting it every way I can and have been pretty successful at staying on top. I worked an extra long day and the rain was a little too much in combination with 14 children.
I went out after work for a tasty adult beverage and grown-up conversation in an effort to ward off the impending doom.
Headed home, plopped down to breathe a sigh of relief and what do I see?

Facebook chat: (paraphrased)

Jen: Did you see the FB invite to our 10 year class reunion?

Me: No

Jen: Yeah. Family swim. I'll be there in my bikini.

Me: hehehe. Yeah. Me too.

And you know what I thought? Not the predictable "Oh my! High school reunion! I feel old!"

Nope! I thought, "I'm too damn cranky to have been out of high school for only 10 years. OH MY GOD I'M ONLY 27 YEARS OLD!! I'm a spring chicken! Why do I feel so stinkin' old?"

UGH! I think I need to go to bed and try again tomorrow!
The sun will come up, right?


Pam O. said...

That's one thing you can always count on, the sun will surely rise. Remember in high school and you thought you were fat ugly whatever ? Now you look back at those pictures and think, wow I would have that again. You will one day look back and say 27, wow I would take that again. There really is a good message here. Have a good day!! Mom

Megan said...

Yeah, what Pam said.

If you're a spring chicken, does that mean I'm a spring chicken too?

You could come to my 10 year high school reunion this fall - no bikinis required!!!

Jann said...

Oh Sarah....
My 35 year reunion is this I old or what...but Mom's right....I look back and think...ahe to be 35 again....LOL...but then does appreciate the life they have when the alternative is not quite so buck up you skinny, cute thang and go with bells on and enjoy....:o) I am sure that your going to shock the heck out of those "clicky" girls that now have no waist lines and 14 kids...LOL
Hugs for the mug,