Sunday, March 22, 2009

Number 16

My dad, Jimmy, the kids and I rocked the rollerskating.

Warren, Joe and Kels totally weinered out and got rollerblades instead of kickin' it old school.

My mom took pictures and rabble-roused from the bench. (pics to follow soon)

Jamie wanted nothing to do with it.

Olivia was more gangly than ever before. She's like a cracked out daddy long legs with only four legs.

Joe and I won the race. Oh yeah. We raced and Warren disowned us for stupidity.

Jimmy is pretty sure he pulled a shoulder muscle with his fall-preventing wild-arm flailing.

Candy and soda were consumed in mass quantities.

And one more thing...I won 20 free admissions!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Twenty free admissions!! That sounds like a class field trip for someone wanting some torture. :)

PS I laughed out loud at the description of Livy as a cracked out daddy long legs with only four legs........ and I'm in a public library in a small town on the coast somewhere. I mean a small library where the whole library fits in a room the size of two of my classrooms and when you laugh out loud everyone (all five people including Mark) look at you as if you should share the source of the hilarity with them too.