Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Memory Lane

This afternoon the girls asked me to take a box of their baby clothes out of the closet so they could look at them. I took the box down and realized that it contained some baby memorabilia kinda stuff too. I spent a little time digging through it. We oohed and aahed and did the, "can you believe you were so tiny?", "that's you in mommy's tummy", etc...

Then I came across this little gem.

Olivia was about 11 months old and I was very pregnant with Jamie. My mom and I were just leaving the doctor's office.

This is the note that Jimmy's secretary wrote while he talked to a customer on line one. I think the story tells itself!


Pam O. said...

OMG I still have a panic attack when I think about that. This is a keeper.

Kathleen said...

Now isn't that precious!

Better than leaving the baby on top of the car like so many forgotten coffee cups!

Lori S. said...

This is the best!! I did that same thing to Lexie, and I had just dropped off Marissa and Bella at their preschool. The neighborhood lady that walked round and round the block everyday kept walking by me staring while I waited for the locksmith. It was in fact running, she was sound asleep & didn't know the difference, and the middle of winter. I was holding my composure on the outside but was falling apart on the inside. The lady finally stopped & told me what a horrible mother I was and that she was probably going to suffocate!! I could never forget that day even if I tried!

Pam O. said...

You'll enjoy this Sarah, Remember the time I locked you all in the car in the winter with no heat for 3 days? OMG it was THE WORST!! A true saturday night live.

sarah said...