Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random Things That Thrill Me

Wiping out the entire calendar and starting fresh. I do it about every two weeks and shift the dates so I can see further into the future.
A minute after this picture was taken I whipped out a paper towel, wiped off the whole thing, started with February 15th and now I can see all the way to March 21st. Strange that this thrills me.

A tower of brand new white washcloths.
I love Costco.


N*88 said...

You are a deeply disturbed person. I fear for your safety.

Sarah said...

Oh WHATEVER! Boy who had a panic attack over gunk around the dishwasher seal!

Pam O. said...

Don't let Warren give you any guff. I recall him getting very distressed about me hanging his shirts facing the wrong way. OOpps we all have our little pains and pleasures.