Sunday, February 15, 2009

Webcam Outtakes

I finally joined Facebook.

After receiving a few messages saying, "Where's your picture?" I started to hunt through my computer for a picture of myself. Guess how many there were?

I guess I'm the one always behind the camera!

Jimmy said that he'd take some but I knew I would feel goofy and get obsessive about how I looked and I'd start asking after every picture, "Let me see it"

So webcam it was!

Here are the ones I didn't use: hehe


Jen said...

Son a bitch! Your hair is freak'n adorable! And your wife isnt bad looking either.=)

Lori S. said...

I love the 1st one! You should upload that one too so when you have one of "those" days, you can change your photo to that one! It's perfect!

LoRi said...

You are so funny!!