Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm not the only one

Check out Soulemama's "February Manifesto".

You can also click on her links "years" and "past" to see how she has coped with February in the past.

Love it!

One good thing about February that I did notice today (and despite me telling February that it sucks because of all the pink, red and valentiney cute-ness)

I absolutely LOVE to go into stores in February. Everything is so pink and red.
I went to Paisley Roberts today and it was just so darn pretty and I had to appreciate it in spite of it's dreaded V-day implications.

If you've never been (and you have a sick sick obsession with all things paper) Paisley Roberts is always a fantastic place to shop and a huge plus...locally and female-ly owned and operated! (Female-ly is a word)

They are always super sweet and helpful and it's just so darn...paper-y and beautiful!
A wonderful pick-me up!

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darcie said...

Wow, that store looks beautiful! I'll have to put it on my check-it-out list!