Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothin' like dinner and a transvestite


My brother and Kels are staying at my house for a few days...ah the circus is in town.

Last night (while perusing craigslist hookers. highly entertaining. try it.) Joe came across a lovely looking (obviously male) woman and said to Jimmy, "Ooh! Check her out!"

To which Jimmy replied (not knowing it was a man), "Not bad"

Which of course set him up for a good 'ol junior high ribbing.

"You heard it! Jimmy thought the shemale was hot",

"Hey Jimmy! Do you know how I know you're gay?"

Etc, etc.

The conversation quickly deteriorated to some horrible conversation involving the desirability of various parts on various people and this brings me to the quote of the week:

(Courtesy of Joe)

"Think about it! Think of the hottest girl you know. Ok, now add a dick. Ruins it doesn't it?"

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