Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, Wednesday break my heart

I didn't write any notes on my day today so this post will be a little

  • Up at 6:30 with Olivia
  • Coffee
  • Shower
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Olivia's eyedrops. She requests a movie so I set her up with the laptop on the couch.
  • Finish getting ready. Spend a little more time than usual on my hair. Wonder why. It looks the same. Maybe worse.
  • Another car ride all alone. Ahhh.
  • Coffee and blurry day at work. It's a blur because it's so busy.
  • Pick up Jamie from her class. Oh yeah...first I went rushing in to pick up Olivia, went all the way into her class room before I remembered she wasn't there. She's at big grammas because she has pinkeye.
  • Take Jamie to the shop with me while she waits for gramma to pick her up. She "works" on Jimmy's side of the desk.
  • Do a little bit of the bookkeeping work at the shop.
  • Quit after two hours and go shopping with my mom. Ignore the fact that Jimmy is annoyed that he's working and I'm not.
  • Hit the jackpot! I bought 7 stinkin' cute sweaters!
  • Mom takes me back to the shop.
  • I catch a glimpse of the side of my hair and jump online to find a picture of the hair style that I want. I've had it before (many times) but I can't seem to get anyone to do it right. I think I found it. Make a mental note to get a hair appointment.
  • Check out the box full of gauges for my Cadillac!
  • Meet the in-laws to pick up kids and eat dinner
  • Home for bath and bedtime
  • Plead with Jimmy to go to the shop and get the laptop because I need to do homework. Know that I won't do homework.
  • Put kids to bed and read my favorite Curious George story to them. The one where he gets high on ether. hehehe Still can't find that one where he holds up a liquor store with the man's pistol. (wink, wink)
  • My mom comes over to do minor surgery on me.
  • Ahhh. Sitting in bed blogging.
[I know the bullets are annoying but it was the only way I could get the damn thing to double space]


Kathleen said...

Sarah, try adding
after the line you want double spaced in the html area.

Kathleen said...

ha ha ha You can't see what I wrote because it's html!!!

it is without the quotes and commas
"less than sign, br, greater than sign"

Sarah said...

Thanks Kathleen! I was hoping someone more computer savvy than I could get help me out!

Pam O. said...

Tell the story about your surgery and what a great physician I am. You may also want to post the surgery pictures.hehehe

Pam O. said...
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Anonymous said...

What was the surgery???? Sheri