Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ruby Tuesday

-Up at 6:30. Go outside to check out the morning sky in the east.
-Ahhh. No one is awake. I get to shower without Olivia tapping her foot waiting for the moment that I say, "Ok, I'm done rinsing my hair, you can get in."
-Uh-oh. There's the foot tapper.
-"Mom, this is a weird night"
"It's morning honey."
"Oh, it's still dark outside, I thought it was night."
-Coffee. The pic is my favorite coffee mug. It says, "You've been trying to make a tramp out of me since the day we met." (From The Postman Always Rings Twice). Also, love my Bunn coffee maker. Makes an entire pot of coffee in 3 minutes.
-Pumpkin Bread. Breakfast of champions.
-Blow dry hair. Contemplate straightening hair to tame crazy sticky-outy parts. Decide not to.
Contemplate make-up to disguise dark circles under eyes. Decide not to.
-Yell at Jimmy to "GET UP!!!" 963 times. Finally send Olivia in to wake him up. He's in her bed.
-Olivia requests an egg for breakfast but since I have to work, she gets corn flakes instead.
-Say good bye to Jamie (who has just woke up) and yell at Jimmy that I am leaving and he better get up. Hope that the kids get to school on time.
-Marvel at the difference in the pace of Monday vs. the pace of Tuesday.
-Get a little annoyed at traffic. Realize that I have plenty of time to get to work. Enjoy the silence. Watch a huge crane (a bird, not machine) fly over Chinden.
-Marvel at the silence a little more.
-Text message my brother with a dinner invite (while stuck in traffic).
-Arrive at school. Grab coffee. Chat with Andrea for a bit. Realize I still have a few minutes.
-Talk to Olivia's teacher for too long. Olivia is a perfectionist and she is resisting doing some writing things and I think it's because she wants to do it right or not at all. UGH!!
-Work is a blur.
-Pick up kids from their classes.
-Try to eat healthy from Wendys. Chicken, mandarin oranges and milk for them. Junior bacon cheeseburger for me. GAH! Too much fast food in our lives! Feel annoyed with myself for not packing lunch.
-Head to Buffy's to eat lunch with her and her class.
-Eat. Chat while kids play.
-Head home for nap.
-Flip through some magazines while the kids "sleep".
-Tell Jamie she can get up on one condition:
"You have to snuggle me on the couch for 2 minutes."
"I knew you were going to say that, mama."
-Jamie gets up to play with her oil pastels and I fall asleep on the couch until Olivia wakes up. Mmmm, mini nap.
-Olivia wants a sink bath. She loves taking a quick dip in the kitchen sink to warm up. We will all be sad when she is too big.
-Have a snack and pack up to go to little grammas.
-Talk my mom into sewing a buttonhole for me on a sweater that I mutilated in a fit of rage.
It had these stupid granny tie thingys and I cut them off one day without thinking. OOPS. Then realized that I wanted it to stay closed somehow. Decided on a button. I bought several yesterday and today I brought them over to ask my mom's ever-stylish opinion. Seriously, the woman has style. We decided on the bean shaped wood one. Very cute.
-Watch my mom demo how cool her new sewing machine is. It threads the needle for you! It even cuts the ends when it's done! Crazy shit. So a few taps with a stylus on the screen and voila! a buttonhole!
-Grammy finishes up dinner. Grampy measure kids on inside of closet door. Chance has grown almost an inch in 4 months! I blog about my list. It's been 6 months since I made it. Olivia request The Wizard of Oz. I think this is inspired by our happy meal toys from yesterday.
-Kelsey's mom stops by for dinner and a visit.
- Dinner! (Crapo) baked potatoes and all the junk to go on them. I put chili, cheese sauce and onions on mine. I think I may have sprinkled a little bacon too. Hehe.
-Two people from my mom's church stop by. Of course she invites them to eat. Of course she has enough. Style and hospitality. Marvel at how effortless looking she makes it. Maybe it is effortless for her?
-Kids finish watching Wizard Of Oz.
-"Sarah, does Olivia have pink eye?"
"No, she's just tired."
"Sarah!! Olivia has pink eye"
-Everyone who poked at her eye to confirm the pink eye diagnosis washes their hands and talks about how strange that it's taken this long to develop. Jamie's has been cleared up for days.
-Make a mental note to call the school and Buffy in the morning.
-Pack up to head home for bed time.
-PB pretzels for snack. A Curious George story and sleepy time.
-And here we are!
Going to sleep now!


Sarah said...

MF-ing blogger! No matter what I do I can't get spaces between the lines! UGH! Oh well. It's not like anyone will read all of it anyway.

Kathleen said...

Are you kidding? I read every word you blog! I love your blogs. I love that you aren't afraid to "show yourself".

Anonymous said...

I read every word too. There is nothing more fun than checking blogs daily and finding that one of my favorites has written something new! I'm glad you are back to blogging more often. Your Mom on the other hand is a slacker blogger....must be too busy sewing, cooking etc! Sheri

Anonymous said...

What happened to my loaf of promised pumpkin bread? You left pink eye and no pumpkin bread...... that is such a crock. :)