Thursday, October 9, 2008

And Thursday was your favorite day

I realize that it is only 2:30 and that my day is hardly over but...In an hour I will be doing my homework (that I should have done days ago) and then I will head off to school. I have no play by play for today because I'm saving up my "hunched over the computer" energy for homework. I just have a few pictures from work today and the freezin' ass cold morning. Check out that thermometer! I thought I'd take a few work pictures since I never write about it and we use them for documentation purposes for accreditation. Two birds, one stone.
Some thoughts and funnnies:
-I hurt myself 3 times today. Hurting my self is a big part of my day. And I don't mean that I hurt myself intentionally so save your quarter from that phone call.
Fell off my shoes twice and tripped over the power cord to the laptop and during the falling down, I whacked that adapter (what is that?) against the back of my leg.
-According to Olivia, a maniac is someone who shoots cars. A meaniac is someone who fixes them then shoots them. WTF? Apparently there is a sceneiac too but she doesn't know what that means.
-I must be PMS-y. Well, I don't actually have a period but what better way to explain being crazy and emotional? That's what happens right? You cry so you must be PMS-ing?!?! Whatever.
-JuJu is one weird little kid.
-Thanks to my scuzzy little kids, my nephew has pinkeye now. Jamie has taken to calling it "stinkeye".

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