Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Beach Pictures

Yes, blurry but doesn't Juju look cute? Little hiker. I love hiking at the coast. It's so rain forest-y and such a contrast to hiking in the mountains around here. This was a short trail (1/2 mile) to a super cool small beach. There were tide pools, surfers, a girl that let the kids warm up by her fire and play with her dog. A gorgeous sunset and some hiking in the dark. Juju totally did not dig that!
The beautiful sunset. *sigh*

Two cute teenagers watching the sunset at a road side viewpoint. They were so cute that I couldn't resist taking a picture of them. *sigh again*

A little bit scary but cool! Olivia wouldn't stop bouncing (She's the bouncing blurry blob) and it was making me a bit nervous. It looks like it has posts but it's actually suspended.

Why is someone blurry in all of these pictures?

Jamie fell into the water and then commandeered my beach blanket when she realized she was standing naked on the beach and it was 55 degrees. Then she acted like she was a baby seal. Nothing brings her down!

Swinging long jump competition. I kicked ass. Check out my terrible form. Imagine how far I could have jumped if I could have reigned in those flailing limbs!

Yeah it was cold but it didn't stop the kids from fully enjoying the beach. And who am I to be the reasonable adult and tell them no?? Heck no!

Olivia is a little obsessed about getting her hands clean. She will touch yucky stuff but can't stand it to stay on her hands very long. Drives me crazy!

Nice hat! I look like a total dufus but it was cold! I also wanted to point out that I look like this is every single picture taken of me at the beach. All mean and scowl-y Do I look like that all the time?

Check out the sassistude!

JuJu-my weird kid. She is so much like Warren, it's eerie

We spent a long time looking at ships move up and down the Columbia River.


darcie said...

What great photos, even if someone did manage to make themselves blurry now & then, lol. That picture of Juju totally made me crack up-she is too funny!!!

darcie again said...

That bridge scares the hell out of me by just seeing a picture of it!

c said...

Can I go with you the next time... I need a vacation.