Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Sometimes I find it hard to put this little nugget of wisdom into practice:

"No one notices that your socks don't match because they are too busy worrying whether their socks match!"

-Pam O'Dell


Anonymous said...

I have to say...I DO notice if socks don't match, Just mentioned this to someone a week ago...they know, it was the look they were going for. I ALWAYS know my socks match! Sorry Pam O'Dell. Sheri

Anonymous said...

Yes Sheri you did notice the mis-matched socks. Do you think if he wasn`t wearing the argyles and the tight hot-pants you would have still notice. har de har

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think it was the fact that he was ONLY wearing socks that drew my attention to it!SZ