Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm really good at wasting time

It is possible for me to waste hours flipping through photos on flickr. When I do it I usually mark my favorites then make them into a mosaic. When I look back I think it gives me a good sense of where I was at that moment in time. I also like to look back at old blog posts to see where I've been, where I'm going and to jog my memory of certain events.

So a trip down memory lane....
Here is my last flickr mosaic:
I think I would call it, "Ohmygod lady, take a Prozac"
And here I am a year ago writing about a trip.
That mosaic on the top...I think I'll call it "Dreaming Of" which I think is one step up from "Prozac"
Not bad for a year worth of "progress"?


Anonymous said...

I sure want to see those cute skirts....maybe soon? Sheri

Robyn said...

I second that! We want photos or your handiwork!

Robyn said...

Oopsy! I meant "OF" your handiwork. I need another drink over here!