Thursday, August 7, 2008


I only have this picture, sorry! Check out those sassy girls...fresh from the pool!

I ended up making 5 skirts from the same pattern. The one you see above was one of the first. I also used the scraps and a home made pattern to make one for the girls.

My favorite one is white linen and I sewed wide black rick-rack along the bottom, then about an inch up, a wide red grosgrain ribbon and then another inch or so up, a thinner black rick-rack. It is so stinking cute I can't stand it. It is at the dry cleaner right now so I can't take a picture but I will try to remember.

And finally...the postcards. I've been hesitant to post them because I am just over the top in love with them and I know that they really aren't that terrific. I think I love them so much for a variety of reasons but the biggest one being that they are my first venture back into something that I loved and had abandoned.

It's a big long story that almost everyone who reads my blog already knows so I won't go into the sordid details...
So, anyway..I love paper. I love it so much that is is probably unhealthy. I don't love it for any particular function. I just like to own it and look at it. If it happens to function as a card then I will send it. If it happens to function as wrapping paper then heck yes wrap it up...I don't own it to save it, I want to share the love, but that being said...I own a lot. I wanted to find something to do with all the odd and end flat pieces that I couldn't really write on so this was it.

And in other news... I guess there isn't any!


Courtney said...

sarah!! Fix it! it doesn't work. I want to see the postcard.

Anonymous said...

no postcard....but the skirts are too cute for words! The white one really sounds adorable. Sheri

Robyn said...

Those skirts are cute! And it helps that the girls are "posing". Very talented!

We had this conversation the other day, but I'll say it again. I love paper too! And fabric. I love the colours and textures and have amassed a large collection. Sometimes I will pull the paper or fabric out and just look at it. It helps to spark my creative energies. It makes me feel happy all over.

darcie said...

OMG, those skirts are too cute, can't wait to see the other one too! Nice work on the postcards, welcome back to paperville. :o)