Sunday, June 22, 2008

The List

#1 I've made 7 postcards so far! WOO!

#2 I wrote a letter to my sister and my sister-in-law.

#9 I'm thinking of abandoning this one. Last weekend 2 of my friends came into town for a bachelorette party and the party basically started Thursday night and ended Sunday morning. I had made arrangements for Jimmy to have the kids most of the time so it was a pretty carefree weekend. It was definitely fun. I had a really great time, dressed a little trampy, drank way too much, etc, etc. All the things we used to do. But it just wasn't the same. I missed my kids, my head hurt, I accomplished absolutely nothing all weekend. I just felt really empty when I woke up on Sunday afternoon. The house was quiet and I just wandered around aimlessly until my kids came home. So strange. So maybe it's true that you can never go back.

#11 Going to Pocatello for a week in August!

#14 Wrote a letter to my sister.

#21 Going camping next weekend for my "get out of the city limits".


Anonymous said...

Still working up the courage for number 13, huh? Good have inspred me with your list. Sheri

Anonymous said...

When you go to the drive in, take a pickup, if you've got one. Borrow one if you don't. You can't be sitting in the front seat of a car ... this may be the only rational reason trucks exist. Make a bag of popcorn at home, with a pan and oil, not microwave. Bring lots of pillows and blankets, and hold hands.

Holding hands is very important.

Anonymous said...

Summertime fun....stolen from another Blog!

A Little Science Experiment #1
Pour 1/4 cup white vinegar into a small water bottle.
Pour 1/2 Tbsp baking soda into a deflated balloon.
Stretch balloon onto the mouth of the water bottle, shaking balloon to release the baking soda into the vinegar, and watch the balloon inflate! (When vinegar and baking soda mix, carbon dioxide gas is produced, filling the bottle and balloon.)

Science Experiment #2 - With an Egg

We used a Starbucks bottle and a peeled, hard boiled egg.
The egg is too large to fit through the mouth of the bottle.
We put the egg in a bowl of ice water.
We poured very steamy water into the bottle, then after three minutes, poured the water out of the bottle, and immediately set the egg back on the mouth of the bottle.
After a short time, the egg got sucked into the bottle with a POP!
Hot air inside the bottle is at a lower pressure than the cooler air outside the bottle. This creates suction!

The 2nd one sounds the most fun to me. Thought you and the girls might like to try them! Sheri

SinlessTouch said...

wow, that must have been quite a bachelorette party to have it end on Sunday morning. Anyway, i hope you guys had a great time there.