Thursday, July 10, 2008

Free to blog, at last

I was tagged by someone to do something and the only thing I can remember is "What were you doing ten years ago?"

Lets see...
Ten years ago I was 17 and heading into my senior year of high school. I wish I could remember the details of what I was thinking and doing. How I felt. Time flies and your memory fades really quickly, huh? I do have something to say to my 17 year old self,

"You have no idea how much different your life will be than what you planned. You will not die if your parents forbid you to date him. In fact, he will become so insignificant in your life, you will be amazed. Please don't give up anything for him because this is it. This is the only time in your life that you will have the luxury of being selfish. Please have fun and stop worrying about the future. All your worrying will be for nothing. You will end up upside down and inside out from what you planned so please enjoy today."

I'm sure that someday my 37 year old self will say to my 27 year old self these very same things. Why can't I hear it now? I don't know anyone who can.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED...the "I'll say it to myself" Sarah!!!!!
That is EXACTLY what we ALL should know at that age. Things change and people change...but then again....SOME DO NOT! And if we don't change then we live in a rut of someone elses dreams and lives!!!! You are WIZE darlink beyond those years!!!! Have fun back packing...and be careful....
Hugs from a far,