Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello Summer! Goodbye Television!

We came home on Monday night and in the place that the television used to sit was a letter!

To: My Family
From: Your TV

I'm sorry to leave you so suddenly but I was getting really tired. I went to the beach for the summer but I left you with some new games and art supplies. I also left a list of things that you could do while I'm gone. It's just a start so use your imaginations to think of some more things!

Etc, etc...
It was a very nice letter from our television.


natalie said...

I LOVE that! You are so brave! I'm not sure I could go all summer, with the three kids, with no TV! What fun things do you do all day?!?! LOL. Do tell!

rogers television said...

You sick S.O.B. You'll never get away with this The girls will hear me screaming from the attic above the garage were you have me bound and gagged, they will never buy the whole, T.V. Went to live on a nice farm with power outlets everywhere and thousands of DVD's to play, story.

N*88 said...

Letter from the televsion, Dad pulled that one on us about a million times. Oh sorry, the dog must have "ran away"

Anonymous said...

Guess your t.v. went the way the laundry fairy used. Lost in the Bermuda triangle. BWAHHHHHHHH... You my friend have the power. The one withthe remote is the winner.