Sunday, June 8, 2008

Time to revisit the list

1. Make a collage
* I joined a post card swap here and I am going to make 10 mini summer-themed collages. Nothing like a deadline! They have to be mailed out by June 21st.

2. Write letters
* This one is taunting me. I want to write them but who am I going to write them to? Can I modify it to "send mail"?

3. Park my car once a week. Take public transportation or ride my bike to work.
*All I have to say to this is...UGH! I suck.

4. Surprise someone with exactly what they want.
*Still looking for the perfect opportunity.

5. Make out at the drive in movie.
*Woo! It's drive in season!

6. Watch 5 classic movies.
*I've watched A Streetcar Named Desire and Breakfast At Tiffany's. This one will have to be put on hold while my TV is at the beach.

7. Switch to re-usable bags for grocery buying.
Done deal. I love my bags so much I've been using them for everything, not just groceries.

8. Take Olivia skiing.
*Waiting for winter. This one actually serves two purposes. I really need to get back on skis. It's been over 5 years and I think that the longer I prolong it, the harder it will get.

9. Go on a weekend trip with my best we used to.
This one is going to take a commitment to just make it happen. On this one...It's not necessarily a trip that I want to accomplish it's more about capturing that feeling for a little bit. Carefree, 21, totally penniless. I might leave out the promiscuous part this time. (Plug your ears mom)

10. Go on a weekend trip with just my kids and I.
*I had a trip planned for this weekend but it didn't work out. I should just go tomorrow.

11. Go on a weekend trip alone.
*No plans yet.

12. Remember to floss every day.
*Rockin' on this one! It's one of those things that takes just a minute but I never remember!

13. Call my oldest brother.
* Workin' up the nerve

14. Keep in better touch with my sister.
*AHA! I can write letters to my sister!

15. Unsubscribe to all that crap that floods my inbox.
*Done deal. It's so nice to get email that I actually want to read.

16. Take my kids rollerskating with my dad.
Rollerdrome, here we come. I just need to make this happen.

17. Go paperless as much as possible at home and work.
*I have one thing to say about this. Intermountain Gas totally sucks.

18. Go without eating at a restaurant or fast food for a month.
*I did this April 22-May 22. I was not totally faithful to it so I'd like to try again but I did cut down a lot and have carried the habit over into the next month.

19. Get a front porch. However it has to happen.
Big big sigh

20. Spend at least 4 nights of this summer with my backpack only.
I have a trip planned for a weekend in July with kids. The director at the kids school recommended 4th of July creek in the White Clouds as a great family trail. I'm trying to plan a 4 day trip to Seven Devils in August. It may end up being a 2 day trip elsewhere.

21. Get out of the city limits once a month all year.
*I'm doing pretty well on this one. I went to Joe and Kels' in April(?), Miracle Hot Springs In May, and I'm going camping in June, backpacking and camping in July and the same in August.

22. Eat more green stuff. Encourage my family to.

23. Write in a journal 2 times a week.
*I'll do a longer post about our new sketchbooks that the TV left us. But I classifying mine as a journal and I've written/sketched 4 times in the last week.

24. Don't flinch.
*I never did explain this one. (Start laughing now...) Jimmy got me hooked on shooting shit in the desert (I like to say it that way. It makes it sound as trashy as it is) And I flinch every time I shoot certain guns (ok, all but one) So I end up shooting seriously lower than I aimed. Jimmy says it's just a matter of practice. I'm working on it.

25. Say what I want.
*Everyday battle. I guess the first step to saying what you want is knowing what you want.

26. Read more non-fiction.
*No progress.

27. Figure out that whole map and compass crap.
*A few years ago I went on a backpacking trip and we decided to go a different route to a lake rather than go on the trail. My friend Justin had it all figured out and knew that other people had gone this same way before even though it wasn't really a trail. He showed me the way we were going on the topo map but it made no sense to me so I decided to just trust him. We were a little way into it and all was well until a certain point where Justin wasn't 100% sure which way to go. He figured it out but still didn't seem very confident to me and I started to panic. I ended up going back to the camp and taking the trail the next day while they went on ahead on the non-trail. They were at the lake within 20 minutes of me leaving them. I took the OH MY GOD GRUELING 9 mile trail the next day and didn't arrive until late afternoon. It totally sucked. Had I been able to read the map I would have had a little more confidence and went with them or known whether they knew WTF they were talking about. I don't want to be in that situation again. Anyone wanna teach me how to read a topography map?


Robyn said...

I love the postcard swap idea. That's so cool. If I wasn't in the middle of moving I would join myself. You know, you could send me a letter in the mail. (I was totally thrilled to get the cute thank you note, by the way.)

Don't beat yourself up too much about your list. You had some pretty hefty items on it and you do have until next April to accomplish them. That's plenty of time.

Michael said...

Intermountain has an option to switch to e-billing. It's pretty simple and I never ever see a paper bill.

Sarah said...

So Michael (whoever you are) Intermountain Gas is specifically who I am disappointed in! I receive 5 paper bills at my business. 5 separate ones that include a ton of extra junk and 5 envelopes. They were the first on my list to go paperless. I got on their website and I had to go through an annoying, tedious process for each one of the bills I receive and then when I tried to pay them online it didn't work! I've tried twice now and I keep getting an error message then...guess what i received yesterday? 5 paper bills in the mail!

Anonymous said...

so who the heck is Michael? He seems very helpful. Sheri

Anonymous said...

And.....did your Mom tell you I now take my reusable bags to the store with me? Thank you for pointing out how easy it is to to our part with that! Sheri

Sarah said...

I'm not sure who Micheal is? Hmmm...maybe he works for Intermountain Gas