Monday, November 12, 2007

It's almost time!!

Ok girls?! Everyone ready? Have you been super good this week?
Here's the deal...if you haven't given me your money (Pam, Erika, Melissa, and Jen) send it over or you're washing dishes! Or maybe we'll "breaka you legs"!

We are getting together to "crown" the winner on this Saturday at 11:30 at Whitewater Pizza and Pasta on Eagle & Fairview. I hope everyone can come. Come on Jann, make a day trip! hehehe
I'm so excited for everyone to meet and share our war stories!
So, Wednesday...weigh in, early if you can, and then email me. DON'T POST!
My email address is in the comments section. I'm going to direct you to my yahoo account since it is the one I rarely use and don't mind if I get a lot of spam after posting it online. Please email your starting weight and ending weight.
Don't forget! I'm so excited!
Oh, and for those of you who feel like you don't have a chance....don't give up because I have prizes for 2nd and 3rd place too! I may even have some "consolation" prizes :-) for everyone.


Sarah said...

Email your ending weight...I have your starting weight.

Kathleen said...

Don't think I can make Saturday, Sarah. I have a family event going on. I can't remember what weight I started this challenge with. I was already in the middle of another challenge. I am holding at 152. I'm sure that will be the same tomorrow. I hope the lucky winner will think of me while enjoying the Day Spa! I will be ready for another challenge after the first of the year, I'm sure!

We missed you at the Stampin' Up party. Maybe the next one.

Thanks, Kathleen

Anonymous said...

Just had to comment to Jann, YOU GO GIRL!!! My Sister Sheri did curves awhile back and loved it, you are truly an inspiration!! Love Ya, Sue

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue.....It has been hard starting but the results of dropping a full size in one month and the weight...keeps me going back! I am not near as hungry...Its now just part of my routine and has really helped me with living here. So SAD I won't get to meet you as I WILL be there! This is such a great inspiration to me to have been in this challenge, Yeppers Sarah...I AM making a DAY TRIP....LOL do they serve big time booze at White Water???LOL
See you on Saturday!!!! Wouldn't miss getting together with great people....just because of a "few" is certainly worth the trip....wish you were going to be there Sue...:o(
See you all Saturday!!!! I love that they weigh me on the same scale every Wednesday for is GREAT! Ladies think about "Curves" is a super easy and great resulting thing to do. I am totally JACKED!!!!!! I am down 14.5 pounds. I do go everyday but Sunday and there are limited hours here on works! it works! it works!
See you all Saturday unless we get pounded with snow....(one never knows)...LOL
The one from the frozen North that fits a little bit better into her "snow suit"....LOL

Kathleen said...

Looks like I will be able to make it afterall, Sarah! Can't wait.
C U then,

Anonymous said...

Hi girls, Jann I will be there! you must be thinking of someone else! I've always planned on being there! Looking forward to meeting everyone! See you Saturday!! Sue