Thursday, November 29, 2007


I just spent two hours catching up on everyone's blog so now I have no energy to do my own! I promise to update super soon and here is my list of things to write about and pics to post, so I won't forget...
*Halloween Pics
*Why I don't have internet
*My Holiday philosophy/goal
*Thanksgiving 2
*A-list Christmas Party
*Blog diet party check out some pics here!
*New blog diet challenge starting in January
*My job and crazy logistical nightmares
I think that's it!

I miss you all in blog land!

Corinna, Na, Darcie..I didn't fall off the planet, I promise! I miss you girls and I hope that you don't stop inviting me to things because I am such and ass and never come!

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Kathleen said...

Oh it's so good to read you again, Sarah! I've been wondering what happened to you and your mom since the challenge party. Glad to have you back and so looking forward to your list of blog entries!