Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Weigh day and miscellaneous

*I weigh...drumroll....129! So that makes a total loss for me, so far, 11 pounds! I am so thrilled to be under 130, I can't even stand it!
So, weigh in! I know that Melissa, Erika, and my mom are out of town so they won't be weighing in but everyone else can!

*I had a fantastic time at the Mayor's VICTORY party last night!! Woo-Hoo!!! I hope you all voted! I, of course, didn't take any pictures so I don't have any to share but it was a super fun time!

*Jimmy and I attended the kids' parent/teacher conferences this last week. It was great to hear all the things they had to say about our kids. For me, it reaffirmed my decision that this is the best place for them (Ok, 2nd best) and for what I value as a parent. Jamie has made developmental leaps and bounds over the last couple months and I attribute it to her school experience (and just getting older). She loves having her own place that is solely hers and she has had great opportunities to "flex her autonomy muscles" and do many things on her own. Her teachers said that she is very actively engaged in every aspect of the classroom, she is focused on activities that she's involved in and she has made a friend that she loves to play with. A little boy named Ryan. Apparently they have very sophisticted 2 year old conversations!
Olivia's teachers remarked on how smooth her transition was into the class and how they can't believe how well she is doing. They told us how serious she is about school, how observant she is, and how she has made many friends that she plays with everyday. She loves writing and playing in the "house".
Our first parent/teacher conferences...I'm such a grown up! hehehe

*I kept meaning to take a picture of the pumpkins that we painted and then I came across this one of the pumpkins in progress. Good enough! Happy fall, almost winter!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I had such an amazing loss this week of a big fat ZERO that I celebrated this morning by making the kids and I pancakes with REAL butter and syrup, ok mine was the sugar-free syrup. But still...... I am a total of six pounds and still planning to be AMAZING next week. :)

Anonymous said...

My little visit to Sheris cost me 2 pounds!! So, now I have a total loss of 6.... it was 8 until i ate the cake, bacon, gravy, ice cream etc. I can only be good for so long!!!! Great job Sarah!!! Sue

Kathleen said...

151 this morning, headed back on track to get under 150. I will make it by next Wednesday!

Gosh, I just love it when the little ones start going to school and spreading their wings!

Miss C. said...

Congrats on the weight loss...

Your little pumpkin's are cute... and so are the little artists!

Looking forward to hanging out soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm throwing in the towel and considering my 20 bucks a doantion to someones very pleasant spa day! I just never got motivated, what can I say! Sheri
PS: Sue forgot to mention the pizza,cinnamon sticks, beer and wine!!

Anonymous said...

I lost another 2 BIG ONES!!!!
Making my total of loss.....11.5!!!!
WHA-HOOEEEE Sarah....!!!! I am PROUD of you darlink!!!!
I am going to go eat...LOL
Not really....
Everyone have a great weekend!!!!
From the "land of snowy river"...LOL

Anonymous said...

Okay Guys.....i HAVE to tell you this.
I joined "Curves" a month ago. This morning when I went.....they measured me. I have lost in one month.....12.5"'s....I have lost one full pants size and feel sooooo much better! I have her weigh me every Wednesday for our little challenge and she must have told a few others what we all are doing because this morning....I had 3 people come up to me and say how did you guys get started doing this challenege and how many are in it and how did you decide on the donations and on and on....they were so excited and interested and two of them said they were contacting their friends after they went home to start their own challenge. I LOVE when women are not intimidated by other women or their friends...and we all try to help one another. The kindness and the fairness of heart....when you put yourself in someone else's a GREAT trait for us all as women and for we as Mom's to hand down to our kiddo's...regardless of age. I know I have learned this in many ways throughout my life...and need to remember often to exercise it more. Perfect strangers today were so excited and interested in what we were doing....and I was thrilled to be able to "pass it on" and hope that it will make more friends and women come together and enable them to make a challenge fun and an advantage for everyone. "Curves" has helped me considerably....I go every day but Sunday....its easy and takes 30 minutes to complete....if you want there is help for those that need it..but I am so lucky to have found help in doing this...through all of you....thank you....thanks for letting me be a part of this over the miles that separate me from the laughter and friends....that I miss on a daily basis....:o)