Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So far...

We have...










I'm waiting to hear from Jann whom I'm pretty sure is in and I would also love to hear from anyone else that wants in!

Na? Darcie? Kori? Casey? Amber?

We could get it up to $300!!


Sarah said...

Jann is in!

Cprinna said...

Darcie and Kori are out of town until next week. They are in Florida.
And I will take it that you got my email. Thanks again for thinking of me.

chuck said...

Look, I got to check in from Florida!! I'm not sure if I can play or not right now...vacation is sabatoging me already, lol!!!

Anonymous said...

I am in like flin darlink!!!!
(eyeing cooookies) as I no badddddddd cookies...LOL

Connie Jean said...

ahhh... shucky darn. I'm late. That's what I get for not being online much! I would have joined in the fun! Good luck y'all...