Sunday, September 23, 2007

My weight loss plan

Just to put it out there I wanted to share my weight loss goal and plan.
I want to lose 10-12 pounds over the next 8 weeks. That's about 2 pounds per week, which I feel is realistic. Here's how I'm going to do it:

* Stop eating after 7:30
* Have only 1 glass of wine
* Walk/jog for 50 minutes 5 days/week. (At 5 miles/hr that's about 420+ calories burned 5 days/week=2100 calories a week) I also hope to work up to 7 miles/hour for 30 of those 50 minutes.
* Drink 4 liters of water every day
* Rock climbing class with Olivia on Saturdays.
* Long walk/hike with Stella and swimming with the kids on Sundays.
* Try to keep my calorie intake at about 1,500 a day by eating regular meals at home and healthy snacking.

I think I can do it!

The reason that I'm not making any drastic changes in my eating habits is because I know that is always my downfall when dieting. When I think about food all day, I just want to eat all day. I also know that it is better to make small changes a little bit at a time for long term weight loss.

Anyone else want to share their plan?
Do you have a plan?
You should make one if you don't.

I found a couple of good resources for calculating how much water you should drink and how many calories are burned while walking.

Other cool calculators here


Pam O. said...

I guess the most sensible thing I do is portion control. I would love to have 4 slices of pizza , but one will fill you up. Weight watchers has been awesome for me if I follow the plan religiously. I avoid becoming too hungry because then I will devour everything in my path. I have been gone from home this week so it's been hard to keep track. Guess we'll find out Wednesday. YIKES!!

Corinna said...

Yes, You can do it!
I am looking forward to hearing of your progress... be an inspiration to me! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Weight loss goals?...holy moly....lets try I have 13 more days of steriods to be on for this dang leg. But then again...I do want my leg to work. I gained 42 pounds on these damn things....but I am walking a LOT better. My darling hubby has been a Godsend to me with all of this. He has watched my waistline disappear....but always is supportive and right there with the .....I love you anyways......(which by the way is why I haven't sat down and had a melt down about this weight gain)...truly it has really helped me for him to understand all this. So..... I am still not eating much....not eating after 4::30 in the afternoon as "Menopuasal women" have a metabolism that shuts down drastically in the evening. I am walking my 3 miles on the tread just to "maintain" this weight that I am at...and if someone stuck me with a pencil....I would bleed water!.....LOL..BUT....I am game and moving forward with a great attitude and WILL loose something in the next eight weeks. I'm just counting the days that I no longer will be on those damn steriods!!!!!
Sarah.... GREAT! advice....great involvement. Lets share ANYTHING that will help each other!!!!!
Hugs from the rainy lands.....

Anonymous said...

It is really a very simple I heard of from some dear friends. Chew and spit!!! Sheri

Sarah said...

Sheri!!!!!! I am totally peeing my pants!

Pam O. said...

I just discovered progresso makes 4 soups with 0 weight watcher points. Hallalujah!! There is a God who loves me.