Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Game on!

I weigh 140 pounds on the dot!

Remember to post or email me today.

Good luck!


Sue said...


Kathleen said...

Oh, that's just sick and wrong!

I'm pretty sure I weigh 154, but will check when I get home.

Anonymous said...

OK...I'm in at 158 pounds. For those who don't know me please just imagine that I am 5'9" ! Where do I mail my check, Sarah? Is everyone OK with an out of State player? Sheri Zellner

Kathleen said...

Sorry Sue, I know you are a couple of inches shorter than me. You are not sick and wrong :-D

Anonymous said...

Jann here.....
387.9 pounds here!....sheet...should have taken off my shoe-zes!!! They weigh at least.....12.6 pounds...LOL
I am game.....:o)
Lets have fun with this!!!!
Who the hell is Sue and why does she need to loose ANY weight?????
(Just kidding Sue....I'll be uploading you cookies any minute now!)
I think this is GREAT Sarah....where do I send the check?
Tell your "Mummy" when she calls that she is just to close not to say "hey."...:o)

gabe said...

Recount, we need a recount! Just kidding. good luck but my woman is going to win!

Kathleen said...

I weighed in at 153 last night, so that should be my starting weight for this challenge. btw, I'm 5'8" and my target is 138.
Best wishes to all your personal goals!