Monday, September 17, 2007

Ok, who's in?

Sounds like we have an interested group here? Yes?
Here's the rules/timeline/etc.

1) Contest starts on Wednesday, September 19th and ends Wednesday, November 14th. That's 9 weeks.

2) Please post your weight on my blog (or send me an email if you want it kept confidential) by Wednesday the 19th and every Wedenesday until the contest ends.

3) We all agree that we will contribute $20 to the day spa "pool" at the end of the contest. So, invite your friends to participate if you want a really big day at the spa!

4) If you don't want to post your weight then please post your "loss" each week.

5) This obviously won't be an exact science but please try to weigh on the same scale each week to ensure accuracy. Also try to weigh at about the same time each day.

6) Plain and simple...whoever loses the most weight wins!

I will start by posting my weight on Wednesday morning.


Kathleen said...

Very good, Sarah! Sounds like we're off to the races!

Pam O. said...

I will post on Tuesday morning this week and then on Wednesdays from here on out. Everyone get on board and start together.Yikes the pressure is on.

Donaldson family said...

Okay...I will try this! You might have to send me a reminder on Weds to post! I will write it on the calendar.

Donaldson family said...

Sarah can you send me your email addy? Mine is Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Let the games begin!!!!!
Should we send in our 20 to you?...for safe keeping?
Lemme know. Tell you be careful and have a great time.

Pam O. said...

Okay ,with dad as my witness I weighed in at exactly 210. Not really I,m already cheating. Seriously it was 138.on the nose. Oh gosh I'm hungry already.

Anonymous said...

I'm in. I will weigh and then email you. Melissa

Corinna said...

Pam!!! Baawwwhahaahhhhaaa...
for just a brief moment... I felt a wee bit better.


Kathleen said...

Oh shoot! I meant to weigh myself this morning before I left for work. I guess I will be weighing in the afternoons then. I will post it tonight. Who's keeping track of all of this? And I think we should give the money to someone for safe keeping. Sarah?

Goodness Pam, you are already at my goal weight! But, I do recall having a few inches on you. ;o)

Also Sarah, it might be worth starting a new blog just for this challenge and any other lifestyle changes. Make everyone in the challenge an author. That way everyone can post words of wisdom and encouragement, recipes, useful links, etc. etc. If you want, I will do it.

Erika said...

OK! I'm in, late as always but I am in.
I'm thinking about mailing you my weight it is a LOT!!!! it's embarrasing, but well even If I don't win, but just loose some pounds I'm go'na be so happy!!