Sunday, September 16, 2007

That's it...

It's on!
This is what I'll be looking like and you girls will wish you never told me to eat cookies!
Ok, on a more serious note...I'm in. Lets make some rules and goals and think up a prize. Anyone else?
My goals...15 pounds and a stomach that I don't have to continually think about sucking in. Maybe some nice arm muscles!
How about you?


Kathleen said...

Forget it, Sarah, even when I was 5'8" and 120 lbs. I sucked my gut in. It comes with the mindset.

If you can keep your mother home long enough to set the ground rules, we could start this rumble!

Donaldson family said...

ohhhh let me know what ground rules you set! I am trying to do something with my sister but it's not working so well on her side (she's just so dang busy). :-)

Pam O. said...

Okay Sarah ,cookie monster. You set the rules and let the games begin. I'm off to Rexburg but I do have phone service. Swear everyone to honesty, especially me , and we can start. Christmas is a good time to end.

Kathleen said...

Okay, Sarah, I go along with that!
You get to be the task master this time. If it starts today, I weighed in at 154 yesterday. It was the end of our 6 week challenge between me and my girls. Suffice it to say, I didn't win. The prize was a day at the spa. Erica won with a 12 lb loss in 6 weeks. Melissa lost 7, I lost 4 (I only got to participate for 2 weeks). So, BRING IT ON!

Anonymous said...

Okay okay....I'm in.....I weigh 483.7 pounds right now and I want to loose like totally....903.7 pounds and then I can gain it all back and still be okay...LOL
Seriously count me in....Christmas is a GREAT time to end it...will give us lots of time.
We all need to be healthy....don't forget that no crashing and such. Lets do it healthy and safely......:o)
And tell your Mom....she is so close to me she should call!!!!!
Hugs fron clouded skies and cooler temps...

Sarah said...

Hey, I'm just waiting to hear from Jann! So far (including Jann) we have 10 participants! Woo-Hoo!