Monday, June 18, 2007

They're Back!!

Okay, Sarah is home from her many journeys but still hasn,t had time to update. So sorry people you get me.

Yesterday was a great Father Day and also my youngest sons first anniversary. We went to brunch and out to Ste. Chappelle winery for a jazz concert. Beautiful day , great music and food. I love spending time with my kids and grandkids. My Joe has the funniest sense of humor and is so good natured. Reminds me why I married his Dad.

Today is my birthday. I'm fifty-one GASP!!. Oh shut up ,you will all be thankin your lucky stars to be as good at 50 as I am. All highway miles my friend. Also regularly scheduled maintenance a little body work, good as new.
Great day.My best bud took me to lunch and my husband took me to dinner. No cookin for me today.I have a love for good funny cards and I always get a slew of them. My husbands not good at shopping, so I usually get to pick my own present. Got my eye on a new camera.

Okay in 51 years I have learned a few things and I would like to share them with you.
1.Never take yourself too seriously.
2. Never say never. I have had to eat those words many times.
3.You will never look as good as you did then.
4.Don't look backwards too much it will make you run off the road.
5.You only get one day at a time so make the best of it.
6.Good manners are always in season.
7.Live your life like every ones lookin, cuz they are.
8.If you wouldn't say it in front of Pastor Floyd don't say it. ( Family Motto.)
9.Always tell the truth then you don't have to try to remember what you said.
10.Don't write a check your a-- can't cash.

Maybe not earth moving but wise. Happy Birthday to me.If you haven't sent my card or called yet I will receive cards and blessings until wed.10 p.m. Good Day. Pam O.


Sarah said...

I thought that my card was so cute i am thinking about stealing it back and framing it. It's a cute collage art card that says..."You know," she said, "even if she weren't my mom I'd go out of my way to be friends with her" So cute and so true.

natalie said...

Happy Birthday Pam! Sounds like you had a nice your words of wisdom too! :)

gabe said...

Happy birthday Pam (again) Guess what I am going to have to break one of your words of wisdom, since I finally finished your DVD from your last bday. Give it to you when I see you. We love you

Kathleen said...

Hey Pam. Sorry we missed your birthday at home, but rest assured we are celebrating it here on the east coast! Boy, are we celebrating! On our way to Boston from New Jersey this morning. More photo blogs to come! Stay tuned.
Love ya,

Anonymous said... caught up with me huneeee...LOL...happy belated my dear.....51 isn't fatal now is it?....(wink)....our engines are well worn and ready for the next 51!!!!! Your only as old as you feel....and us fifty oners....(wink) are livin the good life!!!!!
Happy Birthday Pammers...may you be blessed with many, many more.
Hugs from the Northern Gale country...LOLOL...Hi to Sarah!!!! We all need to CROP!

Corinna said...

Pam YOU are so cute!
I am bummed I missed this yesterday, cause I would have sooooo called you and probably ran out to get some funny card for you.
I catch ya... celebrating belate birthdays are F U N too!

Thanks for the call the other day, you made my day!

Happy Birthday to YOU.

Corinna said...

Hey, it is just a thought... maybe Pam needs her own blog!!??


and that was I'll Catch ya...