Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hell-o This is Mom

Okay Sarah, once again you get your way. It,s not enough that I help with the kids, housework, laundry, errands, now I have to blog for you. Please tell me where I have gone wrong as a parent.HEEHEE. Okay you will get no pictures because I don't know how to do that yet.Just hang with me and let your mind create your own pictures. They will probably be better anyway.
We had a great time on the coast as usual. Lots of food and laughs and food and fun. I hope laughing burns calories because I could use the help. The girls were great for such a long road trip.JuJu did however become unruly at one point and tossed partially chewed grapes and a hair clippy at me while driving. She also announced that "you're mean and I'm not going to be your friend" several times during the trip. I have to say by day 3 I had to agree with her .However after a large bread bowl of chowder and a horse ride we kissed and made up. We are once again friends. JuJu is the female version of my oldest son Warren whom in spite of terrorizing me when he was a toddler grew into a wonderful,thoughtful ,intelligent man who still has the capabilities of causing terror in my life.Olivia is a dear but uses different tactics to get the vote. HMMM sound like (Sarah) someone else I know. They are gone this weekend camping and I miss them already.My house is quiet and clean and it will stay that way until they get home sunday night and stop by to see me. Twenty minutes later it will look like we had a full blown weekend party with dancers,food and a petting zoo. Welcome home my little darlings.
Have a wonderful weekend . Honor your fathers whether they are with you or not. They are the reason your here today. Good Day to all Pam O.


Kathleen said...

Wonderful post Pam-o. Can't wait till you can post photos too, I would love to see the petting zoo!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're no Sarah but must say you are better than nothing! Just kidding....impressive blog. You should rent yourself out to all these young Mom's who don't have the time to blog! Can't wait to read more later. Sheri Z

Sarah said...

Good job, Mom! I knew you could do it. I think I'll just turn my blog over to you!