Thursday, June 21, 2007

North Idaho recap

Is it a sign that you had a good time when you don't take a lot of pictures? I hope so, because I only took about 10 pictures over 5 days! Lame-o!

Well, Farragut State Park was gorgeous! It is a really nice campground and of course the whole area is just beautiful. We had fun doing a whole lot of nothing. Casey's mom lives in Bayview so we had a BBQ with her on Saturday night. She has a really great back yard with a huge fire pit that we sat around. Their back yard ends right at edge of the park. Sooo pretty. Rode our bikes a bit, shopped in Coeur D'Alene, sat around the campfire, Jimmy took Olivia to a car show in town, lazed around. Good times.

The little boy is Jackson. He is Kim's (Casey's friend) little one.

On the way there we drove on the interstate through Oregon and Washington but on the way home we drove down 95/55 through Idaho. It is a much prettier drive but a little slow-going sometimes.

Then....geez...we were just outside of Horseshoe Bend by Cascade Raft and Kayak (at about 9pm) when we saw an accident happen. The car had went off the road, rolled and went down the embankment toward the river. We were the second car there. Jimmy and Warren jumped out of the car to check on the people. They weren't in the river but their car was on it's side and totally smashed. Jimmy and Warren were down there for what seemed like forever then they came up carrying two dogs (who weren't hurt) and handed them to a lady in a truck and went back down to help. Casey had jumped out and ended up directing traffic along with the help of a couple other people. (I was in the car with the kids the whole time...2 hours). Finally a police officer showed up, then an ambulance from Horseshoe Bend, then a whole bunch of firefighters to cut the people out of the car, then Life Flight, then another Life Flight, then someone gave Casey a stop sign, and on and on and two hours later Warren and Jimmy were actually lifting the gurney into the helicopter. (Horseshoe Bend needs help when it comes to emergencies..apparently)
It was a strange, sad experience but at the same time I was glad that my husband and brother set that example for my girls... they were heroes that day and I hope my girls remember.
We haven't heard anything more about the people but said "no word on their condition" so I'd like to think that no news is good news...people being OK isn't exactly the kind of news that usually grabs headlines.

So...there's the weekend for ya.


chuck said...

OMG, what a trip!! I would think the people were ok too since there hasn't been any news about it. Scary though! Now your girls can tell everyone their daddy really IS a hero. :o)

Anonymous said...

"Hero's" dear Sarah.....come in all shapes and sizes.....:o) How fortunate that you were ALL there that day! I commend you all, hubby, brother, and even all you "ladies"...sitting in the car for 2 takes us all to help another....and are they not the luckiest people that you all came along when you did.....high five my dear....and thank you....all of you....for being such great "hero's"....:o)