Monday, June 25, 2007

My weekend in photos...that I did not take

So, I had a yard sale this weekend, babysat my nephew, lounged around too much, did a mountain of laundry and....found my house. Geez, I hope so...cross your fingers. It is so stinkin' cute! It's also about 6 doors down and across the street! Handy, dandy. I want it so badly but it is actually not on the market yet because they are having an estate sale and then listing it. I'm calling the agent can only hope!


C said...

ha ha... I was like- Dang girl you should be come a photographer!

Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

GREAT photo's Sarah!!!!!! Holy moly......I LOVE "whomever" laying in the grass....and the clothes go girlfren.....they are awesome!
And you babies are mighty cute, too!
Hugs from afar....

Anonymous said...

P.S.....your not building anymore darlink? Remember I live in the "back country"....LOL