Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In case you didn't know

No, we are no longer building a house. The property is being surrounded by row houses and condos so our houses won't exactly "fit in". Also, my dad can now make some money by selling it to a developer or building condos himself. He got such a screamin' deal on the property that it's pretty much a win/win whatever he ends up doing. So, we are looking for a slightly bigger house than we have now. The catch is...I don't want to live any farther west or south than I do now. If we move I want to live further east and north or stay in the same neighborhood. We have been looking at houses across State from Jimmy's shop (the square that's made by 36th, Hill road, State St. and 27th) but we haven't found anything that is quite right.
This house down the street has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms upstairs. It has an office, family room, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, another bathroom and a little "workshop" attached to the garage. It has gorgeous mature trees and lots of them...tons of shade. It also has cute dormer windows, all hardwood floors, it was built in the late 50's so it has some cute old house charm...ahhhhh, I'm in love... It does need some kitchen re-configuring but we think it can be done without a ton of expense because it doesn't need new appliances and I personally think we can use the existing cabinets (I'm sure Jimmy won't agree).
So, Jimmy called the realtor and they had not set a price yet but...there are 5 houses for sale in our neighborhood..actually within about one block of this house...and they are listed for an average of about $245,000. I know that the one across the cul-de-sac was on the market for over a year and ended up selling for a lot less than it was listed for. So I think we can get it for about $225,000. We agreed that no matter how much we love it we won't pay more that $235,000. Cross your fingers!


na said...

Sounds wonderful...keeping my fingers crossed for you!

c said...

yeah, what na said.
crosssssed finger here.

gabe said...

I didn't even know you where looking for another house.

Anonymous said...

"fingers and toes crossed"
Hope you get it sweets....sounds wonderful.
Your daddys a smart man....glad to hear thats working for him as well.
BIG Hi to your Mummie.....
Huggers from a far,