Thursday, May 3, 2007


I was tagged by Natalie. I am such a blabber that there is just about nothin' that people don't know about me.
So, you may not know these things...

1. I like clipping other people's fingernails and toenails. I have clipped the fingernails of every person I have ever seriously dated and if they'll let me I clip their toenails too.

2. I am afraid of the dark. As a result I NEVER watch scary movies or even slightly creepy ones. Once in a while I'll let myself be talked into seeing one and then (for about a month) I am paralyzed with fear every time the lights go out. When my husband is gone for the night I stay at my mom and dad's house.(go ahead laugh)

3. I hate tomatoes. But only in their virgin tomato state...I like tomato products. Jimmy hates tomatoes too!

4. I totally blow at math. It is a brain glitch. My dad is a math whiz and he has drilled me on math stuff my whole life but I just can't get it. I blame it on never learning my multiplication tables in 3rd grade.

5. My daughters were born at St. Lukes hospital, I was born there and so was my mom. I am of a select group of people called "Native Idahoans" BWAHAHAHAHA. That was for all you girls that didn't immediately get it when I said..."Well, my mom did graduate from Melba High" Don't get me wrong...I love you California fact...I wish they all could be California girls.

6. I love reading. I read a new book about every 3-4 days. I have to read in bed every night and I read until my eyelids start to close then I turn my light off. When I was a kid I would fall asleep with the book in my hand. My dad would come in, take the book out of my hand, mark the page and turn off the light. He still does it for my mom. When I moved away from home one of my biggest worries was sleeping all night long with the light on and the book in my hand because my dad wasn't there.

7. I started writing this while my kids were sleeping. They have since woken up, they are screaming at one another about which pillow belongs to which person and I can not think of another single random thing over the incessant screaming!!!!!!!!!

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natalie said...

1. OK, um, yuck? LOL. That was definitely not something you have mentioned before!!!

2. ME TOO!!!!! I still run up the stairs if I'm alone down here and don't get me started on being all alone in the house at thanks!

3. I'll be sure to not give you a bag from my garden this summer.

4. Math is not my strong suit either. I can't even help Harrison with third grade math! "Son, ask your dad when he comes home".

5. The Beach Boys know what they are talking about! LOL.

6. I (heart) books so much and will go thru phases when I read non-stop for weeks and then I won't pick up a book for awhile.

7. I think I hear them from here. Oh, wait, that might be mine.