Monday, May 14, 2007

Darn this new-fangled internet thing!

I am alive, I promise!
Last Saturday we tore the carpet out of our "office" and screwed up our internet. EVERYTIME we unplug the phone cord we have to call Qwest and get them to do some whippy-dippy magic and fix it. Well, I hate calling them after hours because you always encounter someone who takes you through the troubleshoot step by step and invariably wants to send out a technician. BLECK! It's like they only employ professionals 9-5 and they employ people who can barely read 5:01 to 8:59. GRRR. So I should be spending this time on the phone with Qwest but instead I drove over to my parents house to use their internet.
So, lets see...what's new...
1. I had a busy and super fun weekend. It really started on Thursday when I had my brothers and their better halves over for tacos and Coronas.
2. BBQ with Jimmy's fam for Mothers Day on Saturday. I made tri-tip, fruit salad, pasta salad, potato salad and I bought cheesecake. Carb overload!
3. BBQ with my fam on Sunday. I wish I had a picture of us all lying in the yard on blankets taking a "yard nap" while the girls played in the pool. Casey had to work and it wasn't quite the same without her but we took the yard nap in her honor. tee hee
4. Today was the Mother's Day celebration at Olivia's school. It was really cool because I have participated in Mother's day celebrations for oh...100 years... but always as the teacher. Several of those years were with Buffy (Olivia's teacher) and we sang the same "I love you mommy" song every year. Well, this year I had my own little sweetie on my lap singing me the Mother's Day song and it was one of my favorite mommy moments ever! I also received my first child made mothers day present. Thanks Buffy!
5. My house building is at a stand-still and I have decided that I will be zen-like in my calmness and I will live my summer in this house to it's fullest! (If you say it enough times it will make it happen right?) SERENITY NOW!!!

I suppose that's about it!


Anonymous said...

Well my dear....I think you must have had a great Mummies day all the way it not the greatest thing to have that little pumpkin sitting on your lap and singing that funny little is something you will always remember Sarah...I remember similar things with a little blonde "big" sitting on my lap and singing her heart out. What a great and wonderful memory....tell me you got photo's my dear!
Take a ZEN momento....and remember that the house will get built...and all else will just fall into place. Glad to know that your taking it nicely and it is not stressing you to the max....thats when whe they do start building...LOL...
Hugs from a far dear one,

Corinna said...

Great entry Sarah.

Hee hee Serenity NOW!!
Ha ha... Love that.