Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May!

It feels like summer already! I am loving this weather! It's making me feel energized and I really need it. Remember about 3 weeks ago when I talked about being in a funk?! Well, it has followed me around and at some times even gotten worse. All the usual things that snap me out of it weren't working. I have mulled it over with some friends, thought about it all day and wondered endlessly...what the hell is my problem??? A few things happened yesterday that I think snapped me out of it. First, Buffy said to me..."I will not work on my LLC, accredidation, finances, bla, bla, all the junk that brings me down until I have done something that makes me happy. Ride my bike, go to the park, walk with Kay, laugh with you, etc. I have such a good life and I have been bogged down by this 'woe is me' attitude and there is no reason for it!" (I am paraphrasing here but it is the gist.) Then...A friend said to me..."Take a deep breath and repeat after me..."I am where I am" I didn't do it, in fact I rolled my eyes. But later...I thought...Damn, where I am is GOOD! It's not like I even have to say it with resignation. I am where I am and it is good!
So, everyone take a deep breath and repeat after me..."I am where I am" (don't roll your eyes) and then think about all the things that make where you are good.

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Kathleen said...

I find it hard to look at the previous post photo and read this post without wondering, "What does it really take to make us happy?" I'm one of those people who believes the choice is ours. I choose at each moment in my life to be happy. Some moments are harder than others, but the choice is still ours.

May you always be happy, Sarah.