Sunday, April 1, 2007

No more productive than usual

*The problem with this experiment is that I just used a book I bought to enable my "chore avoiding" problem. Whatever.

*It was a pretty good spring break. We didn't go anywhere or do anything in particular. Olivia and Jamie spent a couple days at "big grammys" house playing with their cousin Moira. (That's Jimmy's mom and she is really tall.)

*I scrapbooked on Friday night at It's All About Me. Cute store, Marianne is really really sweet. It was so relaxing, refreshing....I could breathe. And laugh! Did 3 pages. I'm only mildly happy with two of them and I really like the third one. I've been scrapbooking Jimmy and I a lot. I did a couple wedding pics a few weeks ago and some valentine and anniversary. Fun, fun. Now I need an album for them?! I'm eyeballing American Crafts modern album with the colored spine and chipboard cover. The best part is that they are 3-ring. Love that!

*It feels like it is really spring now and not just that wacky February phony spring. We turned the sprinklers back on yesterday, busted out the round-up for weeds in the cracks, doctored up the pond. Oh my gosh....our fish survived the winter!! Amazing! At one point the ice was so thick on the pond that my girls and I stood in the middle of it! And the dang fish survived! It's pretty cool but at the same time I am a little annoyed. Jimmy and I had a deal that if the fish died I could drain the pond, scrub all the rocks and chlorinate it. No more gunky "natural" stuff. My parent's pond is chlorinated and it's so pretty and clear. Don't ge me wrong...our is beautiful...but it takes a lot of work to keep it from growing gunk.

*There is progress on our "lot in the ghetto" new home project. The guy piped in the ditch on Thursday. I asked my husband.."So what's next?" and I almost peed my pants when he said. "Excavating and pouring the foundation" WOO HOO!!!

*I am looking forward to sitting at the computer all day tomorrow to catch up on all the reading I missed!


natalie said...

Welcome back to the world of the Internet!!!!

I had a great time on Friday night too...I've actually never scrapbooked there either and it was very relaxing and FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well Missy.....I am jealous!
Glad to hear it was "relaxing and fun" certainly deserve it.......ooh ahe on the ground breaking doll...take lots of photo's!
Have a great week,
Jann from the frozen land....LOL